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March 11, 2007



Jackie, I know it's hard to get moving again after staying so long in one place. But it sounds like you're ready to hit the road. You'll be back in your garden before you know it.



Isn't it a funny feeling, to want to be home and yet know you'll miss where you are?


Holly, isn't that the truth? Time seems to be going so fast for me. I swear, once you get past your twenties - it just flies.

Alison, I'm always stuck between the desert and home! Silly of me - I need to learn to live in the minute - not the future.


Miss Kitty isn't going to like being secured. Best let her anchor herself to her favorite spot. Poor baby. She probably just got used to her home not moving!


Quilly, Miss Kitty shouldn't have any trouble anchoring herself....her weight was 9 lb. 5 oz. when we left home. 10 lb. 15 oz. the first time we had her nails clipped - and 11 lb. 7 oz. today when we took her in for another clipping!


I missed your Birthday; Happy Belated. The card your sister Caryl made is great and the pictures you took with your prezzy are wonderful.

I'd love to travel in a RV, but I couldn't stay in one place for several months. Plus, I'd have to go home for a bunch of months in a row.

Good deal on quitting smoking. Congratulations.


Let the countdown begin!

You know, I realized I don't even know where you're summer home is.


Nessa, thanks. My ideal would be to travel two months, go home two months, etc. etc. But when you live far from the warm states - you really don't have that option. So far, so good with being a non smoker - but it's sure harder this time. It's still the first thing I think of when I wake up!

Hi Silver. Our 'real' home is in the Pacific Northwest (Washington) where we live on a mountain - where the snow is just now starting to melt. That snow is why we travel in the winter now!


Jackie -- they say animals grow to fit their cages. Miss Kitty is just trying to prove the theory. Won't she be glad to get home and go outside!?


Oh Jackie, you're a mother-in-law to dream about.


Quilly - I certainly hope that theory isn't true! We better get Miss Kitty home before she fills the motor home! She loves it outside, so we probably won't see her for a few days when we get her home.

Jenn - I don't know about that! I'm also the mother-in-law that shares helpful hints on raising children, husbands, etc. LOL


Why not stay in one place for a month? you'd move four times, and satisfy your need to see new places.

Have a safe journey home!


Janet, that is our plan for next winter. And then with the traveling time to the South and back North, it'll take care of winter. Thanks. I'm anxious. We leave next Wednesday.

Velvet Sacks

The options available to you to live where you want are precious. My former in-laws worked for years to be able to live like you do. He retired, they bought the motor home, and within a year he had Alzheimer's and all their plans ended abruptly. I'm so glad you're able to do this while you're young enough to enjoy it. But I also understand how happy you'll be to see your home and family again.


We are heading for Tucson later this week-- assuming everything continues to look like a go from the farm here. I understand well how you feel about two places having a hold on your heart. I added Montana to mine over 16 years ago and now I think of the other two (from Oregon, Montana, or Arizona) whenenver I am in one of them. The heat will be quite an adjustment if it doesn't let up some anyway. I heard Phoenix was 99 the other day. Like wow for March.


Velvet, T lost his brother quickly, after a short illness. That made him decide that we shouldn't wait until we were 'old' to do this. No guarantees on health, or anything else, is there. We are very fortunate.

Rain, like 'wow', for sure! And I'm lovin' it! The natives aren't nearly as happy. They are afraid that spring is skipping them - and summer is here -and they don't want that much heat! Enjoy your trip!

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