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March 09, 2007



I know it's practically useless to say it, especially when you're jumping out of your skin, but this too shall pass.


Good luck with quitting...my friend made the decision to quit recently, I should call him later to see how he's doing with that.


That birdhouse is beautiful. You have a great talent in the painting!


Hang on in there Jackie, is very hard, but worth it in the long run. From an ex smoker.


Way to go mama. Keep it up.


Jenn - lol! I like it better when I am the one saying that! But, how true you are.

Silver - thanks. Now go call your bud, he needs all the encouragement he can get!

Alison - thanks. I really don't, but I practice and use lots of visuals.

Dave - I'm glad you are a 'quitter', I know how much healthier one is when not polluting the lungs. (but, damn, I miss it!)


Love the bird house. Come clean my house. Glad you're quitting! Yay!


uh, i'm so proud of you. this is a very hard task. probably one of the hardest in life i hear. good for your overall health and everything feeling. i do hope the cravings minimize each day by lots.

i am so in love with the road runner.i honestly admit to thinking they were a cartoon and beyond that, never a thought. i'm shocked by own silliness and i'm glad. here i was thinking i was getting too smart, lol..
and that birdhouse is fantastic. oh that is the most unique and most beautiful house for a bird. oh, well, you just have introduced me to so much my friend, thank you..

God Bless and give you His courage and His Will...love you so very much.


ps. just in case, you could come over and clean my house..trust me, you be busy for a while..PLEASEEEE?????????lol..;p


Brookie - thanks. It's harder this time, but I'm more determined this time!

Quilly - thanks. I'd love to come clean someone else's house. You know how anal I am - mine never gets dirty - and I like to clean somewhere where I can see where I've been!

Chana - thank you. I thought that road runners were going to look like the cartoons, too. I thought they'd be all bright colors. Live and learn. I do love seeing them, though, and you usually only get a glimpse - they are FAST.


Jackie, Good luck with the not smoking. I know it's hard! Now, you'll have more money for gourds and other "necessities!"

Great picture of the road runner...they are incredible!


Thanks, Holly. And I AM going to buy more gourds..and have them shipped home! :-)


Wonderful gourd and good for you on the quitting! Must be a garden around there that needs some of that energy for weeding.


Paula - I wish there were! Landscape in the desert, doesn't require a lot of work. I am so ready to be at home - in the garden. But we have a couple of months yet, before much can be done there.


That is such a beautiful gourd!

Quitting is hard, I've done it cold turkey and lived to tell about it. Jolly Rancher candies helped, too.


Janet, thanks. I'm loving playing with the gourds.
I don't know how ANYONE could quit cold turkey - I'm still totally obsessed with the patches on!

Velvet Sacks

I LOVE the birdhouse! And I wish you much success with the smoking cessation (but I have to admit that a decorated gourd with a hole in it would be a great outdoor receptacle for cigarette butts).

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