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March 02, 2007



That cake sounds like your winter friends have gotten to know you well.


Oh! When was your last tetnus shot?

Dave M

Nice pics Jackie, it looks a wold place. I bet you have mixed feelings about leaving, but you will be back next year.


I guess we have to take the bad in order to appreciate the good. Glad you weren't hurt worse! and those pics are just beautiful. *sigh* I wish we had scenery like that around here.


Quilly - my winter girlfriend was going to bake a cake, but T told her that since I couldn't eat it - HE would make my cake. And did. I can't even remember when I last had a tetanus shot...but la la la la la la la....I didn't hear you!

Dave, I always haved mixed feelings about leaving. Love the desert and area surrounding it - but sure do miss our little place on the hill. I'm fortunate, I know, to be able to have both.

Janet, thanks. You know what? I'll bet that you've got great scenery (tho not the desert) around where you live. You are probably so used to seeing it that it doesn't register anymore, but I bet there is lots around you that the rest of us, who aren't familiar with your area, would love to see. T and talk about the fact that while we travel, we stop and see everything...and that we don't do it at home!


hi love.

the pics are beyond breath taking so thank you for sharing my angel.


what the heck happen with this wk? oh my goodness! oh my darling, you didn't go to the hospital. trust me i understand how you don't like them hon but maybe you needed stiches or something..oh my sweet and then the bite and the burn oh my! i'm so glad you had some positive in that wk too..i'm so sorry your friend left back home.

may i send you some kisses and hugs and all my love. and i'm even more amazed of the grandeur of your heart for as bad as your wk was you still had so much encouragement and love for me??!! oh my. your heart is great and i am soooooo blessed that He put you in my path. you and yours are a great family. how nice to be a part of your heart. i love you. i wish you better days..



Sending good karma your way. Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate....


Oops, that last was by me. Mistake result of violent eruptions in life recently.

Oh boy.


Wow, I really hope your luck starts changing!


You know there was a lunar eclipse, right?


Oh my gosh. You are far away from me. It might be best to keep that arrangement until your Karmactic Kloud passes over. Prepare for blessed rainbows, Jackie. Lord knows you deserve one soon!



Beautimus pics, by the way!!!!


Chana, girl, thanks for the love and wishes! You are just too sweet. But now I feel like a fraud! Nothing was THAT bad...I just like to piss and moan...I'm so good at it! lol

Jenn, thank you! I was a little surprised to see "Jackie" in blue - and wondered how I'd posted on my own comments and hadn't known it! I'm a little slow some days - sat here thinking about it for quite a little bit - before I read your next comment! lol (Sorry about your violent eruptions - all okay now?)

Silver, thanks, I'm on to good and gooder times!

Nessa - hey, that might explain things! :-)


Gawpo - thanks, all is good here. We'll be heading in your direction before too long. Will be at Cindra's first part of April - and then going over to (your town) one of the days before we start our last leg home to the mountain. I'll bring only good karma as I come through!


Holy cow, any more accidents and T will need to keep you in a bubble! This has to be a melancholy time, getting to wrap up your temporary home, people coming and going.


March 5th!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Sister.
Happy Birthday to you!


Fabulous pictures!

Happy Birthday!


I wish for you a very Happy Birthday!

The pictures even if they were from an earlier time are beautiful.


a beautiful birdie told that it was a mighty special day. a day to celebrate your birth and to thank God for another angel he lend us to make our world better..thank you for coming to us and for letting us be a part of your world..we love you oh so much...

Happy Birthday My Sweet!!! Here is to many, many more and a life full of family and laughter and peace and health and joy.

I and the kids send you a million hugs and kisses.

Velvet Sacks

Did you wonder, as you stabbed yourself in the leg, if you might be "out of your gourd"? ;-)

The pictures are beautiful. I can see why you were disappointed that your camera died when it did.

And I've just read a few more comments...Happy birthday, Jackie! I hope you've had a wonderful day.

Angela Rush


Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Your sister mentioned it was your special day today.

Hope it was a good one!



Jackie, I've been a little slow on line but I'm so sorry to read of your troubles. I hope the cut /burn is healing and that your Nikon starts working! Holly

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