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March 16, 2007



This is such a beautiful reminder that we are so much more than just machines. Thanks for sharing this Jackie.


I like all of theirs, too. I am having difficulty doing mine. I think I'm not feeling very introspective right now.


Sure, Kat. Wouldn't you just love to see a bunch of kids do this one?

Nessa, that must be my problem, too, I can't seem to get it. And I want to do one. Started thinking about it though, and all the memories weren't good ones. I will have to find a balance - and that'll take some 'work'. I just want fun right now - not work.


I loved the exercise! It was good for me to ask myself the questions, cull the meaning. Thank you for posting this.


Glad you had fun, Alison. I can't imagine anyone wouldn't. Have to find time to work on mine soon!


Jackie, I didn't even leave a comment when I read this last night. I became so obsessed, I worked on mine til 2 am! What a fun writing project! Thanks so much! Holly

Velvet Sacks

Jackie, thanks for posting this. I love seeing what others have done with it and look forward to trying it myself.


Holly, thanks for writing one - your's was great!

Velvet, I'll be waiting to read it. I know it'll be interesting!

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