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March 06, 2007



Sister, I immediately noticed it was your left foot. Then I immediately reasoned that it was you, so it made perfect sense in a JAckie sort of way. I figured you thought your right foot was ugly or something.


Quilly-Sister, lol! My right foot is just as pretty as my left foot! I was just having a little fun.


Happy (belated) birthday! I hope that you enjoy your new camera...

Velvet Sacks

Happy birthday and congratulations on your new camera. I hope both of them brought you a lot of joy today.


Happy birthday! I'm sitting here in our Sacramento office, taking a break from a proposal I'm up here to work on, and circling my right foot and writing the number six in the air with my right hand and realizing how right you are! Thanks for the amusing break! Safe driving.


Oh Happy Birthday left-footer!

Sorry I'm late - and hope you had a great fantabulous day!


Jackie, You are a Pisces sister! My day was the 3rd. Hope you have a marvelous day. So glad you got a new camera! Holly


Happy belated birthday! I noticed it was your left foot and I was going to tease you about it, darn. That's what I get for reading your whole post!


Very artistic feet....!

What sort of Nikon did you get Jackie? Whatever.....have fun with it, and show us the results.


Silver and Velvet - thanks. I'm having fun with my camera. Though learning the settings is $(*%&%& confusing for an old lady! lol


Alison, glad to see you smile! Hope your work goes well up there. YOU drive safely...I'm not on the road yet!

Jenn, thanks. I had a great day - and all is back to normal here.

Holly - Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a great one. (Want to trade years?!?)

Thanks, Kat. I was chuckling while I wrote that, knowing that there's some really sharp people out there who would get that 'right' off! lol Me, I'm never 100% there and probably wouldn't catch things like that.

Hi Dave. I got a Coolpix S10. Some guy at the camera shop tried to tell us that I needed one of those big old things with the scope that goes in and out. I told him that I'm far from a pro - want a camera to stick in my purse or hang on my beltloop, and have to adjust as little as possible. We like the way it swings open, and liked our old Nikon so thought we'd stick with the same brand. I don't take pictures that are the caliber of those you take -you are a pro - but I have fun.

Tall Chick

Your Miss Kitty looks a LOT like our Enya. >^_^< I loved the road runner. So, they really run on the roads? (never really thought about their name much before, LOL!)


Tall Chick - you must have a beautiful cat! :-)
Those road runners run anywhere, and so fast that you usually only glimpse them.


I'm determined to make my right foot learn to go counterclockwise while I draw 6es in the air. It's gotta be possible.

Happy belated Birthday! Lucky you, a new camera!


Janet, I grinned when I was reading your comment. I think you are just tenacious enough that you'll do it!

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