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February 16, 2007



The "House Organ" not only highlights appreciation of the beautiful old technology and heights of a professional musician's skills but stirs memories of music and times of other days. An indoor skating rink on the edge of a lake near my home town in Iowa had sides that opened out for a 360 degree view of the lake at evening. The organ located in the center of the skating floor provided live memory music.


Amazing. I'd like to sit in a place like that all day and listen and feel the music.

That bike run makes me uncomfortable, too, but I guess they have alot in common.

I looked up agave. They make tequilla out of it.


I liked the way some of them rose up from below the stage level.


T - I remember you showing me that skating rink when we were in Iowa. Would have loved to have seen a picture of the organ in the center of the floor.

Nessa - lol. I meant to look that up for you. Thanks for looking. Want me to send you some so you can make 'home brew'?!
Yeah, the music is great. I'll go again if I have the chance.

Dave - the organ actually rose up, as it made a slow circle. It and the player both left the same way. It was pretty neat to watch.

Velvet Sacks

The only thing I really liked about church when I was a child was the beautiful music played on the pipe organ. At the skating rink, the organ music was my second favorite thing; the mirrored ball was my favorite. Thanks for evoking happy memories.


Velvet - you're welcome! T was 'remembering', too. We never had a skating rink with an organ, sounds nice.


I just saw a documentary today on "America's Palaces" - theaters built at the turn of the century - The people who played these organs had to have been so talented to be able to perfectly coordinate music to action.


Kat, this one has three different organ players - each with a masters in music. But how on earth they remember all the switches, buttons, keys and pedals for so many songs, is beyond me!


You always find the coolest places to go!


Quilly, there's so much to do everywhere. We keep saying that we need to do the same thing at home...so much around our own hometown that we never take the time to go see!

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