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February 12, 2007



As someone who rode them,I must admit I would just turn up to see all the bikes. All those machines must look and sound awesome.

The purpose of the ride I dont agree with at all, so I suppose I would be classed as a hypocrit or two faced as my presence would be deemed as suppporting their cause. But to an ex motor biker the sight of all those Harleys would be something else.


And me makes three. Although I'm trying to "regulate" the violent feelings things like these evoke.


Jackie -- I bet it was something to see, but I wonder about the "support" thing, too.


Hello beautiful. first let me thank you for so many visits and for not leaving me long between loving and thoughful comments you leave for me.
second let me apologize for i don't get here or anywhere really 1% of what i wish i could. i'm still very weak and sitting up and even typing sometimes feels like running marathons.
but don't worry or feel bad for i am much better. this is just the last bit i'm hoping...
glad to see that you are posting away and with so many beautiful pics. how nice of you to keep so many happy.

pls pass on to your lovely girls my love and hellos and to your beautiful sister my heart as well.

hope to visit soon again and again thank you to you all for your encouragement and concern.

keep warm and safe and keep on smiling.


Dave, I think probably many of the spectators share your views - just love to see the big bikes.

Jenn, if your feelings are truely 'violent' - a good thing you're trying to 'regulate' them! lol
(I can't see little you as too violent!) :-)

Quilly, as I'm not really into cars or bikes - doesn't do much for me either way.

Chana, so glad to see you are getting to post a bit. I wouldn't worry about not commenting - just take care of you and yours. Best to you all.


Hi, Jackie! Just wanted to let you know that I will be visiting the grandbabies tomorrow and giving you more cause to worry and be afraid. MUHWAAAAHAAHAA!


Gawpo, you can play the big, bad wolf - but CJ tells me what a pussycat you are! And you ARE a sweetie to go over in her
'time of need'!

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