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February 03, 2007



Glad I'm first -- Folks, Jackie is my sister -- I have known her all my life and she usually isn't modest, but in this instance, she most certainly is. Whatever she creates will be beautiful and envy inspiring -- it always is.


Wow, Ma. I think Quilly was talking about me...the way you created me to be so beautiful and envy inspiring. Wow. Thank you both.

Wanna see your gourd!


Ahh, Quilly-Sister, you're sweet. Wait a minute! What do you mean, "usually isn't modest"?! Am I suppose to be!?!? Is that a good thing!?!?

Cindra, yes, I think that is probably it. :-)

I would like to see your gourd, too, I miss you. Big.


Look forward to seeing your birdhouse, I would imagine the birds like them as homes. Do you get humming birds where you are staying?


Jackie, I produced several gourd artists on Carol Duvall and have tremndous respect for them.

I have a scuplted face on my mantel that uses a gourd as a base. It was a really fun project to do. You'll have a blast in that class! Please do post pics!



Dave, we have a lot of humming birds coming around now. I carry a feeder with me and hang it from the awning, if there is no tree near by. Here, my feeder is hanging in a palo verde tree.

Holly, I was just amazed at the artists! You'll have to post a picture of your scuplted face - I'd love to see it. I used to watch the Carol Duvall show all the time - when I was single, I'd just leave HGTV on all day!

sunflower Optimism

Very beautiful artwork, thanks for sharing Jackie. Would love to see your when you finish it!


Sunflower, you're welcome! I signed up for the class BEFORE I went the gourd festival and saw what they do with them - or I'd have skipped it! These people have real talent. I'm just making a plain old bird house!


Are you out of your freekin' GORD! (Gawd, those are beautiful.) Thanks for showing those to me. Hey, Cindra---your mom showed me her gords! Woo-hoo!


ooops: GOURDS


Wow, those are amazing.


Gawpo-my mom says I can't play with you anymore because you scare her.


Cindra, can't say as I blame her.


ooops: GOURDS


Gawpo, play nice. My children read this blog!

Nessa, I was sure amazed. But you do lots of crafty things, I hear. You'll have to post some on your blog.


I hope you take pictures of what you make...Im sure it will be beautiful. Those are some beautiful gourds!


Aren't they something, Catch? I'll take a picture of mine when it's finished. Learned to cut the hole in it today - then have two more Tuesday classes to complete it.

Velvet Sacks

Wow, those are amazing! The class sounds like fun, and I can't wait to see what you make. (Although, if it took the whole first class to learn how to make a hole, I'm thinking you might have to finish your gourd masterpiece on your own.;-))


Velvet, it was fun, but, yeah, a little slow for me. If I like it - I have two gourds I bought that I can do whatever I want to with!


Wow! You are right. I did miss this special event. Please do show us your birdhouses and how you made them. I need to start planning how I'll use the gourds from by brother in law.


Hi Paula - we had our first class and all we did was cut the hole for the opening in our birdhouses. They gave us each a gourd that was already cleaned. We are all doing them differently, and have two more classes.

I purchased a couple of gourds and may make bowls out of them. Still have to soak skins off, etc. - did your BIL send you the directions on how to clean the outside and the inside?
The directions are pretty specific, so if not, let me know and I'll give them to you.


Oh, that show sounds so interesting! Thanks for taking photos for us. I'm looking forward to seeing your gourd decoration.


Janet - it was interesting - because I had never seen that done before. Disclaimer: mine will NOT look anything like these photos!

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