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February 01, 2007



Oh, Ma...there you go embarrassing me AGAIN. Does it never end? Thank you, though. I heart you big much.


I think you are all riots!


Sissy, I don't believe you. I know that I can't possibly embarrass you any longer! :-)

Quilly, just who is this 'you' you are talking about? I believe your blood is the same, is it not?!


My daughter gives me the same smart ass answers. I just can't figure out where she gets it from.


Nice to know the mother's curse is still alive and well.


Nessa - tell them they take after their father, that's what I do. Of course, they know better!

Kat - yeah, it's definitely what goes around, comes around. Fun to watch.


All of you think you are quite funny, don't you?


LOL, that's just like my dad constantly worrying about me. If I'm half hour late from work he calls to see what's going on, if I'm out of town and haven't checked in to him to tell him I've made it alright he calls, etc. Maybe next time he does that to me I will pull something like your daughter/granddaugher...just to hear his reaction!


Silver, my mom still checks to see if I peed before I leave her house to get in the car!

Love you, mom :)


Silver, oh, no! If you want to emulate women in our family, you might want to go see Quilly, otherwise, you may give your dad a heart attack!:-)

Well, Cindra Jo, if you don't have to go - you don't have to go - just sayin', ya know?


All this talk of peeing has made me need to go. And I'm stuck here for another hour before the next bathroom break. Thanks a heap. (Yeah, since you asked---that too!)


You gals crack me up!


Gawpo, did you get that bathroom humor genre from Cindra - or did she get it from you!?

Janet, we aim to please. (No pun intended).


Jackie -- I try not to inform you of my plans until after they are completed. I think it saves wear and tear on your nerves.


Yeah, Quilly, you and Brooke seem to follow the same philosophy. I don't know that it helps! :-)

sunflower Optimism

My own mom recently had to drive somewhere that was several hours away. Now she is in her 70s and she shouldn't be driving so far - my dad is older and we made him give up his license, so he doesn't drive at all.

Of course, my mom didn't tell me until AFTER the trip was over because she knew I would worry.

Your family's comments are as funny as your posts! LOL


Sunflower, you mean it goes around? and then comes around AGAIN? lol


I take it you are Cindras mother!! lol. Being a Mother is a tough job, huh? And then when the grandchildren come along you worry just as much about them. Its a tough job, but somebody has to do it...lol.


Catch, yes, Cindra is my firstborn. Raising kids was the toughest job I ever had - and the most satisfying - I wouldn't have wanted to miss it! (Even with the mouths!) And grandchildren are the icing on the cake.

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