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February 08, 2007



The sight had magic: Jackie stomping up and down on the Century Plant in a field of cactus. Determination overcame caution and vertical movement was accompanied by side shifts at each "break the ---- thing off" volley until the grimace stage - "I'm in a minefield of cactus!!". But on with the determination of a brave soldier (bullheaded German) she went 'til the Century was dismembered. Then the escape through the minefield whith the loot - the cacti laid their quills as a low field of machine gun fire. But our brave pirate though wounded in the earhpads went on to the riceburner and a slow escape into the desert. Oh for a movie camera; I was too spell bound for stills. I felt maybe as a war correspondent in a hummer.


I love the pictures and especially this part of the country. It will be awhile before we see flowers blooming here but I love watching for them. My hummingbirds arrive around April 1. You are too creative. They will love those new homes. How creative are you? Wow!


T (aka 'Redtruck'), I'm sure it was funnier from your point of view than from mine. I was still picking spines out of my shoes and feet, hours later!


Swampy, we love this part of the country, too. Wish I could come in the summer, to see all the cactus bloom - but think it would be too hot! We'll have hummingbirds about April, too, at our home in Washington.

P.S. I'll have my red on tomorrow!


Nice. The only type of cacti I have ever seen is the type that comes in a little potter and sold at the local plant shop. Would love to see one in the wild.


Silver, until we came here three winters ago, those were the only kind of cactus I'd ever seen either! Then we came - and I fell in love with the desert. Hope you get to see it some day. Fly our way - I'll show you around!


I liked T's narrative beer than yours. And -- though it would be a shame to lose such thrills, did you ever think of carrying a handsaw in the Element?


Grr -- this new key board has a defectibe T key and I have to punch it about 3 times to get it to type -- that's why my comments always miss one or wo.


Jackie, Those prickly pears can be so dangerous! I love your new perch for your fine feathered friends. You'll havse so snap some pics for us.



I love that stalk! How wonderful to attract the birds as you are. Enjoy!

sunflower Optimism

Agave - isn't that what they make tequila out of? ;-) Your use of the stalk was wonderfully creative :-)

It was SO nice to see a blog with photos of WARM! The blogs with photos of snow were making me so cold - lovely to thaw out here!

Many thanks Jackie!


You are one of a kind Jackie! The pictures are beautiful, makes me think of vacations when I was a kid.


Quilly-Sister....we carry about everything BUT in that element! Don't tell anyone, but you really aren't suppose to take anything out of the desert, so I was trying to be inconspicuous. Right!

Try your canned air on your keyboard.

Holly...if I can ever get those birds to stay there when I go after my camera -I will get some pictures!

Alison...I love that stalk, too. Am hoping to take it home. Somehow. They have red cardinals here, like the picture you posted. It's only the second time I've ever seen one, and I REALLY want a picture of him.

Sunflower...glad I could help warm you up! Let's see, isn't tomorrow your big day of 'lighting'? You'll be able to hold your hands up to the light in the microwave to warm them up!


Kat one of a kind? lol I suspicion I'm probably only about as unique as a blade of grass!
Did you vacation in the desert when you were little? And did you ever see it in the summer? I would dearly love to see all the cactus in bloom in June or July.


Wow! I'm so impressed, I'd never have looked at that stalk and thought that it would make such a handy thing.


We used to stop over in the desert when I was kid, traveling between California and the east coast. Remind me sometime to tell you about steel belted radials and a Joshua Tree. I have seen the cactus in bloom. It looks strange to me, I'm really more of a tropical plant lover.


That is so cute. Don't they make some sort of liquor out of those cacti?


Janet, the idea wasn't mine. I saw a picture of one 20 feet high that someone had planted in their garden and put bird houses on. It was really impressive.

Kat, I'll look forward to your story! I love anything that grows/blooms. Maybe I'll see them some day.

Nessa, they may make liquor from cacti, but I don't know that. I know they use them in different ways for food, so might be. I'll have to look it up. Am curious now.

Velvet Sacks

Determination is a fine quality, in my opinion, and you certainly have it, Jackie! And what a clever use of the stalk to hold the bird feeders. I hope you do get photos of the birds.


Well, Velvet, I certainly like your 'determination' better than 'stubborn'! lol
I know you understand (I saw that desk you put together!)....sometimes we just have to get done what we want. :-)


Now you will have to build a hide to sit and take photos of all the birds. Nice handiwork.


Dave, no trees around here tall enough or sturdier enough for a hide! lol
There are palo verde and mesquite trees. Pretty flimsy...but I sit in my deck chair and watch the birds.


Another fine example of the horror of clearcutting. Look at that denuded scape. And those poor douglas fir trees are completely stripped of their once magnificent branches. Very sad. Even the understory flora such as the salal and thimbleberries, they are all smashed into flattened pancake looking leaves. Such a courageous pictorial on your part, Jackie. You have exposed the big timber companies in all their greed.


Oh. I just went back and read the text. That wasn't Oregon.

Never mind.


Gawpo - you are the funny fellow, aren't you? No, not Oregon. :-)

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