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February 26, 2007



Nice, Ma! I love what you've been up to. I can't wait to see you! And all the stuff you will bring me. Yay!

Dave M

I cant believe 5 months has gone this quick. I know I would be excited at seeing the garden again.

Have a great trip back home and show us this side of the pond, a few of the places you visit along the way. Have you told the cat yet? Take care


congratulations on winning at Bingo, that must have been a lot of fun.


Hi, I'm just dropping by via Cindra's to wish you a Happy Inappropriate Card Day!


Jackie -- I wish it didn't come as such a surprise to hear of someone trusting a stranger.


Jackie, More gourd fun AND you won money!!! Hey what a great day. I hope you and T have a safe trip back home. Holly


I think blue hair is fetching.

Did you make that bookmark? Nice....


Cindra, as if you need any more 'stuff'! It'll be nice to see what YOU have been up to.

Dave, the time has gone fast...and the time has gone slow...you know what I mean. I'll blog a little along the way. And I can't WAIT to get Ms. Kitty home and let her OUT - she is so overweight now. I was at your site yesterday and I couldn't leave a message. Will try again this morning.

Silver, thanks. It was. I don't usually win games.

Diesel, thanks. And I hope you are recovering nicely from your hysterectomy.

Quilly-Sister, AMEN.

Holly, thanks. It'll be fun to be moving again.

Jenn, I'm just not ready for 'fetching' yet! lol
I made the bookmark, and about 50 other ones...I don't do well when I haven't something to do. So I putter.


I sent my niece to the vet to get food for Cheyenne once and she forgot the card I'd left her. They said no problem that I could pay next time. Even though they know me, I was still pleasantly surprised by that.

Have a great return -- how long will it take you?


Alison - it is surprising, in the world today. Sad. We don't drive straight home so when we leave here, we'll still be a month from home. We should be home between the third and fourth week of April - just time to get the cold weather seeds planted!


Okay, and one more question. Where is home?


Well congratulations to you dear girl! You are very right, you are a winner for all that you listed yourself and for much more..

What nice talent you have. Those are beautiful bookmarks. I can see where your girls get it from, of course, artsy talent runs in the family's blood. i didn't know about gourds until i read and saw your last post..they are so cute. i'm happy that you not only have much to keep you happy but that you are so good at it too.

there are lots of good people in the world. trusting, caring and respectful. in our cold world sometimes it is easy to forget that and then, you meet someone like the store owner and we are reminded of what is possible for humanity. i'm so happy for you that you ran into one good fellow..now you start seeing how good it felt and feels for me in meeting up with you and your family..

God Bless. Travel safe. Be happy and know you are loved.


Jackie your bookmarks are fabulous! I loved the gourd story, if more people were like that, more people would be honest. I'm sure your koi will be stirring soon. Can you hear them calling you?


Alison, 'home' for me is in the Pacific Northwest. I'm used to four seasons. I spent four months in your state (El Paso), four years ago, and although I fell in love with the architecture there - I nearly cooked. It was HOT in your state!

Chana, one of those good, trusting, loving people in the world is YOU. You give so much of yourself. Thanks for all the goodness you give me.

Kat, those koi are a long way from calling for anything back at our home. They won't even swim around and leave the bottom of the pond until the water is a consistent 50 degrees. There's a snow storm at home right now - so don't think that water will be heating up any too soon! lol

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