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January 02, 2007



Very nice photos and article. I would prefer to stay firmly on the ground and take pictures as well. lol


My sister wants to skydive when she turns 18, there's a place that does it nearby..so I'm "thinking" of buying her a session. At least I have a few years yet before she actually turns 18.

Velvet Sacks

I'd never even consider skydiving...but I have to admit there's something about the concept of bungee jumping that's always intrigued me. I can't imagine why; it's just as crazy as skydiving.


Why jump out of a perfectly good plane? [Steward, I'll have another package of those peanuts and a bottle of water, please.]


I would jump, I think. But not till my kids are grown up.


Pauline, you and me, both!

Silver, yeah, you have a little time yet to think about it.

Velvet, I saw the program on TV where these young people bungee jumped together, off a bridge, and their cord broke and they all hit the water like a ton of bricks. Maybe if it was a really really really really short jump. :)

Quilly, at least you are IN the airplane!

Cindra Jo, you'll want to wait until I'm dead first!


I had a fear of flying for years. Work travel has calmed that a bit. I considered skydiving once but then recalled how much I like my feet on the ground and not flinging over my head in the air.


Cindra, you don't have to wait until your mom is dead. Just take a page from Brooke and I and don't tell her about it until AFTER. :)


Jump out of a plane .......I have enough trouble getting in one let alone jumping from it. Para gliding is popular in Wales, with all the hills and valleys.


Alison, I don't know if there is hope for me with that flying bit - I go way past 'fear' - it's more like terror. LOL

Quilly, I don't need help from you, sister! :)

Dave, para gliding - another beautiful SPECTATOR sport, alright!


You pictures are beautiful. But no way in hell would I being doing that. Uh ah, no, not, nada.


Happy New Year.


Nessa, I'm glad you're able to tell the colors, etc. from these pictures - when I view them on the computer they are very clear, but when I put them on here - they're not. Don't know what I'm doing.

No way in hell is my sentiment, exactly!!


My ex jumped out of airplanes in the Army....I always said he was nuts! lol


I've always wanted to try skydiving. My brother took a class in college and broke his ankle on the first jump. If MR. INVINCIBLE could get hurt, it kinda scared all us girls. We're grown now...maybe he was just a doofus?


Catch, I would agree that that confirms it about your ex! :)

Kat, bet your mom was glad something scared you girls! It isn't bad enough that you have to have a certain skill level to land on your feet - you are also at the mercy of the winds. Sheesh, again.


Wow! You guys have some really longs legs in that first picture. I love the color in the others. Great shots. I think I'll keep my middle seat, in the back of the plane, across from the 'lavatory' thank you very much.


Swampy, I didn't mind the long legs - but couldn't figure out why it made T look thinner, and me look rounder! I gather you won't be jumping either! :)

Sunflower Optimism

Um, no thank you! I used to love to fly, but worked in aerospace for 10 years. They pretty much have to drug me and drag me to get on a plane now.

As for LEAVING a plane, before it's on the ground? I don't think so, not voluntarily, that's for sure!

This was a funny post - at least to me, since we're on the same wavelength! I thought I had already commented, but the last three weeks have been a blur - finally get back to "routine" next week when junior goes back to school!


Sunflower - yeah, we're in agreement on this flying stuff. :-)
Good luck with that getting back to 'routine'...is there such a thing!?!? LOL

Sunflower Optimism

OK - instead of "routine" - how about "less chaotic"? LOL


There are things that we like to watch other people do without having the faintest desire to do it ourselves. This is one of them. They have pretty parachutes, don't they? May they continue to work!


Sunflower - 'less chaotic' may be more apt! :-)

Janet - Amen, and Amen!

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