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January 09, 2007


Velvet Sacks

I loved this post, Jackie! My own "transformation" from trying to figure out who I was to just "being" paralleled yours, and it's just SO much nicer to live without all the second-guessing we do when we're younger. Maybe that's Nature's plan. It would be difficult to handle all the physical issues of aging if our heads weren't in a good place.


My dad's family has strange age differences like that. His sisters are 14 and 12 years old then he is, so the oldest sister has kids that are only a few years younger than my dad. And he's got an uncle who's only a few years (if that) older than the sisters.


Also, I wanted to say that reading that post, even as a 24 year old gave me hope. I suppose most 20 years old wouldn't like thinking of themselves as that old (except to live to reach that age of course), but it gave me hope that even though I have reached adulthood and have been told my entire life that we develop our "person" by this time, that there's still time for me to turn into the "real" me and not just the person that my personal culture has taught me to be.


Velvet, I think you must be right with that 'natures plan', and I agree - it certainly is easier. :-)

Silver, from reading your posts, I think you are plenty 'real' now - an amazing young woman. But - I can tell you this - you aren't who you will be in another 24 years! And the trip is fabulous!!


I too when I look in the mirror see my dad peering back at me. Another strange feeling is when I cough I also hear him.


Dave, that's interesting that you 'hear' your dad, too. I was young when my mother died, and I can't remember her voice.


Funny, Mom. I'm catching up with you...


Actually, Cindra Jo, we probably will be more alike in physical characteristics, going forward, than we have been alike in the past in that regard! :-)


And you know when to head south (but maybe you've always known that)! Wonder if your house has even more snow than we do on the west side of the state. Enjoy your sunny January.


Jackie -- I like who you are now just as much as you do!


spetunia, hasn't the weather been just crazy up there? This is our 3rd winter in Arizona. It's not hot here....but we aren't wet, scraping or shoveling anything. :-)

Quilly-Sister, thanks! I like who you are, too! xoxo

smalltown RNs

Hey Jackie...it's me..thanks for dropping by my blog...yeah that is a hard one isn't it... I mean we are all human...we make mistakes...but gosh some folks are real sticklers for a lie is a lie.

Hope you are having a fantastic day!!!


Your blog is very interesting and I related to in especially because we have a second home in Tucson Arizona, just to the north of it and south of Oro Valley. The last two years I hardly have gotten down there for work and pet reasons. I have an older cat who I am reluctant to leave with someone only checking in once a week or so and not sure how well she will travel.

I read back through your blogs and that one of your cat learning how to be on a leash was very funny. We have a cat like that who when we got to Casa Grande rest area begged to be left there forever rather than have to get back in the van again. On a leash, that is exactly what he does... goes for a drag

Anyway nice to read your blog and share your explorations of an are I have loved for many years.


Smalltown - yeah, I think there is a lot more gray than black and white. Or do I just excuse myself that way? :-)
I like it over at your place, and try to stop by every day or so. I'm not religious at this blogging....go back and forth on whether or not I want to do it.

Rain, I fell in love with this area, too. We are half way between Phoenix and Tucson. I'm so grateful we're able to do this right now. Traveling with a cat isn't my idea of a good time, but like you said, what are you going to do with them - they're members of the family!


They're definitely freckles, just bigger. ;-) I always wanted to be an age where I wouldn't care what people thought about how I look, then one day I thought, "why wait for that magic age, whatever it is, and do it now?". I'm a lot happier!


Thanks, Janet, that's what I like to think! Yeah, age brings some freedom.

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