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January 29, 2007



The tiger story reminds me when we used to take the kids to Bristol Zoo. They had rare white tigers but they had thick glass on the lower part of the caged walkway, as they sprayed everyone who walked past. Compared to a tomcat its about 2 pints worth of spray. Does the car still smell?


Hey, was wondering where you've been hiding. I'm liking the new look of this place.


Dave - T says he's been at zoo's where their 'potty' habits
are posted, too, but I sure didn't know anything about
it! I think we're clean and fresh again! :-) (And I've
learned to stand back!)

Silver - Hey to you, too. I was just being real lazy. Am
ashamed to admit that I didn't know how to change
this screen. Now I may change it every month! I'm so
proud of me.


Ma-it's a cat, after all. Them are some fine interior accents you found!


Cindra - I've never had a cat of ANY size do that!!
I am SO excited about taking the 'interior accents' home and having it in the house....ready to go now, to see what it'll look like!


Jackie -- ROTFLMAO -- glad it was you and not me!


Jackie...I know exactly how you feel with learning how to do something and then getting so exciting that you can't stop playing around with it...that's how I'm like with my blog. Everyday I learn something new there and I just can't wait to start playing with it!


Quilly-Sister, glad I could amuse you. I was anything BUT!

Silver - I don't usually have the interest to play with this long enough to learn how to use it. I've seen what you're doing over there though, and you're lookin' good!


Jackie, I LOVE your cactus light. Would love to see it on!

Say do you go to any of the bead shows in Tucson? I know a lot of beaders Motorhome it too.



Holly, the cactus lighting is very subtle, nothing you could read by or anything, but I like the 'mood'.
I haven't gone to any bead shows. Did a lot of beading last year in 'crafts' up at the club house, (many woman still doing it this year), but haven't felt like it this year.


Well you did have that one cat who farted on your head all the time...

Sunflower Optimism

Yuck about the tiger! Darn, I used to like tigers, too, LOL.

Very cool Saguaro pieces - that table is great, so much interest in that cactus base. Enjoy it all.


Oh, Cindra! I forgot about Baggins. LOL Yeah, that was one terrible way to wake up in the mornings, but at least I didn't have to wipe it off!

Sunflower, it IS way cool. My sister, Caryl, keeps calling it a 'stump', I think I'm going to slap her when I get home. It's a mighty, majestic sagauro root!


Those Sagaro roots look very interesting.


That table is really interesting! I love the zoo, we used to buy a membership every year when the kids were small. With no entry fees to pay, we didn't feel guilty if we just wanted to watch the fish one day, and the monkeys the next.


Nessa, they probably aren't for everyone, but I do love the desert and will love having a reminder of it at home.

Kat, this is only the 2nd zoo I've ever been to, so I was pretty jacked. I liked seeing so many moms out there with their little ones - even mentioned it to T. He says that is what they do in bit towns. Nice. Wish we had one.


What great finds. Have you been to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, south of you and west of Tucson? that is my favorite as it's all desert critters and beautifully set.

You are making me homesick for Tucson and it's going to be awhile before I get back as things look now anyway.


Thanks, Rain. Yes, we spent nearly a full day at the Desert Museum, loved it. And the ride up there is so beautiful, too.

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