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January 06, 2007



Jackie, sometimes being in a bad mood just plain feels good. Rleax and enjoy it. This, too, shall pass.


Quilly, yeah, actually, I'm kinda having fun with it! (I don't think that says anything too good about me) but it isn't like I'm letting it affect my life or I'm walking around in a bad mood or anything. I'm just whining about my hair, of all things, and bitching when things aren't the way I want them to be! :-)


B.R.E.A.T.H.E. ! Relax ! This too shall pass...or fall out of your head.
Is that an RV your in or a very very large car?


Everyone deserves to have a little time to bitch and complain about things not going according to plan. It lets off steam that might otherwise just stress you out later on.


Ooohh Jackie! I love to go on a tear from time to time! It's so much fun stomping around, venting, whining and saying "AND ANOTHER THING!" I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who gets like this :>) Like you, I love my blonde streaks...but you're cute as a button with or without them, so let that one go. Your new brown hair is so shiny!


Piss on, ma. We all gotta let it out. And by the way, your brown hair looks natural and pretty...just sayin'


Swampy, fall out of my head, is right. Usually - when something else comes along to take its place! :)
It's an RV I'm in...live in the Northwest the majority of the time, but are here in Arizona for the winter.

Silver, I read your comment and had this vision of myself as a little teapot letting some steam escape! I like that!

Kat - you put it so well...going on a tear...for sure. It can't be the 'streaks' that does it to us - mine are gone! (But not for long!!)


You piss away. It doesn't make you a bad person, just human. And being pissy is fun.


Nessa, yeah, I gotta remember - human is as high as I'm going to get, here! Thanks.


Cindra Jo, you never did listen well! But I love that about you. xoxoxox



I would've left that shop before I let someone dye my hair a color I didn't want. You earned your snit fit. Hope it grows on you or at least grows out fast!

Velvet Sacks

I HATE going to get my hair done, and I've told my daughters it's mainly because I don't speak beauty shop. If you went in as a blonde and came out with brown hair against your will, I'm thinking you don't speak it either. ;-) But you do look cute both ways.

Vent, rant, kick, scream...sometimes it's just gotta come out.

Mr. Fabulous

What is going on here? You look far too young to have daughters the age they claim to be.

Someone is lying and I'll find out who it is...


lol at Mr Fabulous. Nah, sis and I really are the age we claim to be. It's good genes... all of the women in the family look young for their age. And mama, I happen to really like the brunette hair. And I hope the ranting did you some good. I love you.


Crickhicker, but if I'd left it or tried to streak it again - I'd end up bald! Not a good look for me! :-)

Velvet, I like your "don't speak beauty shop" - you're cute!I don't feel so bad now about carrying on. Sounds like everyone likes to now and then.

Mr. Fab, nope, no one is telling fibs. But it does get a little confusing - especially as Cindra is more mature than I am - and has been since she was 19 years old! I found out it's never too old to have a happy childhood and so I'm never going to grow up!

Brookie, thanks, but I DON'T LIKE it. I've seen several of the women here that I do crafts with however - and they didn't even know my hair was different. Could it be that I pay a lot more attention to it than anyone else does?! LOL


I love her in any color locks. And Jackie is forever young!! Terry


Mice nuts.....thats mind boggling. Not heard that one before. Just think of it as a change, and by the time you are homeward bound it will be back to the same colour. If you hadn't posted a pictured nobody would have known. Mr Fab has it right...I echo his words.


Aww, thanks, T. You're sweet!

Dave, I had a boss years ago, that used the expression 'mice nuts' to describe any very very small problem. And for a very long time, I thought it was just one word - and had no idea what he was saying! I've come to love the expression - it aptly covers a lot of situations. :)


Ah, Terry that was sweet!


Instead of looking at the color look at the sheen. From here you sparkle like diamonds!

Mr. Fabulous

No, I don't find Cindra all that mature...


Pauline, thanks, but every time I walk by a window and see my reflection - it shocks me! I wonder who this is! :-)

Oh my, Mr. Fab - then you would surely think I'm arrested! :-)

smalltown RNs

Just wanted to pop on by and thank you for saying hi on my blog. Yes there is some drama going on over there....I am just ignoring it.

Sounds like you are having an awesome trip...so envious...we are getting snow this morning, first snow we have had since the end of November.

Now about the man you had the shhhhh incident with. If you ask me that was rude of him to say anything. Would i have gone into his face and said something..I don't know, but you were within your rights to draw to his attention his behaviour was rude.

Have a wonderful day as I am sure you will.



Thanks, RN. I enjoyed visiting your blog - and will return.


"Excuse me, but I don't SHHH for you or anyone else" I Loved that... you stand up for you! Well done.

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