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January 15, 2007



MLK represents the most significant and positive social change for all peoples in my lifetime. His words and manner are models for social reform.


T - indeed. I am in awe of this man.


I just listened to this on the radio. I wish we all lived it.


Quilly - Amen. I couldn't help but think that, too, as we watched the show on his life last night.

Sunflower Optimism

Thank you for posting, Jackie. To so many it has just become "another day off."

I had written a post, back in September I think, on a book called "Blood Done Sign My Name." Excellent book of the civil rights era.


Sunflower, I think you're right about that "another day off". I'm going to go check your archives now for that post - I think I'd like to read that book. Thanks.


I will never tire of that speech. It moves me every time I hear it.


Me, too, Kat. And every time I hear it, I have new thoughts/feelings about it. Wonder if that's based on my maturity level? (Or more likely, my IMmaturity level!)

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