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January 18, 2007



My all-time favorite is the lone street crossing the highway in the middle of nowhere between Vegas and Phoenix that optimistically proclaims itself, First.


Optimists those folks who dished out those names. We have an Elm Street with no Elms (all died from Dutch Elm disease many years ago).


Funny post, Jackie. Yeah, I guess I would be looking out for incongruities if I was travelling. Problem is, over here, they're so commonplace that they aren't even funny.


I like trailer parks that call themselves Estates.


Quill-Sister - wouldn't you just love to know what they were thinking? Was it tongue in cheek, satire, optimism?

Kat - I'd keep that street named Elm, just out of respect for those beautiful old trees that were there!

Jenn - I suppose the incongruities would lose their charm if they were commonplace. I'm still amused.

Nessa - I've never lived in an Estate, but I lived in a trailer park once that was called "Wagon Wheel"....and there wasn't a wagon or wheel anywhere. I never did figure that one out.


My town is named after grape trees...which seems funny because I have never seen a grape tree that wasn't on tv in a picture, but evidently when the city was first discovered, it was crawing with grapes.


Guess they choose the name not the content! lol At least you have your own abode. Enjoy your travels.


In Brazoria, there is an intersection where "This Way" crosses "That way." Makes me laugh out loud when I'm stopped at the light, stuck at This and That.


What always gets me with Tucson is how those names can change mid-street. So Canada del Oro (named after a wash which is anything but golden but I always wonder if gold was found there many years ago-- unlikely though) becomes Flowing Wells (was there really a well there when the street got originally named? who knows) and if you aren't aware of that, finding your way around that town can be interesting to say the least when it's by map.

Velvet Sacks

It's a great thing to be easily amused; the time seems to pass more quickly for people who are smiling. I'd never given much thought to incongruous place names, but after reading this, I'll pay attention in the future.

Spotted George

Unfortunately- those pretty names are what use to be there before they bulldozed it! :(

sunflower Optimism

Gee, my neighborhood is pretty boring, everything seems to fit! Will be on the lookout for oxymoronic street names.


I like seeing street and development names, too! I can't think of any memorable ones right now, though.


hey Jackie, you okay? haven't heard from you, and the blog hasn't updated for a while.

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