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January 31, 2007



Can I subscribe to the digest version?


Other than that, Sis, did anything exciting happen yesterday? :)


grumblemurray - I know, I know, I just can't say anything in 20 words, if I can say it in 200! Just be glad you don't live inside this head - it goes on and on like that all the time. I liken it to a squirrel cage!

Quilly-Sister - actually, yes. I got mail from Caryl with pictures from Aldy. I now have a copy of only the 2nd picture there is of mom and dad and we four older ones, all together.A really good one of you in red dress, showing off a certificate....I'm guessing maybe 8th grade grad or something?


Okay, the above is a response from ME. T uses the computer to bulletin board (or whatever they call it) on their vehicles. He commented on Cindra's blog last night, using MY URL, but his name! I didn't see it and didn't change it. I'll have to show him how to do this right!


Insurance companies can be fun to deal with. LOL! My parents go through a monthly battle with our health insurance because they are really really stupid and don't understand certain "types" of care that my one sister needs. So every time she goes to the doctor they are suppose to pay 90%...but do they...no.


Silver, yeah, dealing with insurance people can be a pain. And I think they take advantage of the people that don't really understand how it all works. Sort of hoping that you'll give up and just pay for everything!

Velvet Sacks

Everybody has days like this, but they're SO much funnier when they happen to someone else. I hope today was a better one.


Velvet, today was great! I agree, though, funnier when it's someone else. :)


Those are the days you end with a stiff drink. I hate dealing with insurance companies. Because of my day job, I have not only mine and pap's but all the Village employees to fight for.


Kat - there is NO day that wouldn't be worse if I drank! :-) If I'm ever frustrated about insurance again - I'll think of you!


Build a bridge and get over it?! Ha!!!! How did I get this far in life and never hear that one? I love it. I'm going to use it this very day. I am dying here, Jackie! Crap oh dear that is so funny. My favorites are: I know you are, but what am I?; Same to you but more of it; Don't call me your family names; I'm rubber, you're glue, etc...


Oh, my, all that can't be doing anyone's blood pressure any good. Be glad you didn't ruin the microwave!


Gawpo, are you trying to be a smarty? You know, I know what your real name is. And it wouldn't be hard at all, to find out where you live.

Janet, you're right. And I love the microwave here in the motor home - it's a microwave and convection oven! If my microwave at home ever dies, I want one of these!

sunflower Optimism

Hey, Jackie - at least you have LIGHT in your microwave! Some days you just gotta laugh - either that or tear your hair out.

Hoping for better days ahead!


Sunflower - yeah, some days are like that. You STILL don't have that lightbulb that it takes a rocket scientist to install??

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