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January 12, 2007



Jackie -- what did your cell phone tell you today? And I will not be asking forgiveness later.


With all the things we have in common, Jackie, we've finally found our one difference! I drive my entire family crazy because I just hate talking on the phone. I'll write to them every single day, drive over and visit, but I'd rather get punched in the throat than talk on the phone.


Quilly-Sister, pft.

Kat, too funny! Yep, we're different here. T calls me 'telephone lady'.

Dave M

Good for you after all this is the 21st. Century. What is even more annoying than someone not having a cell phone is someone who has one but wont switch it on or answer it. Its so frustrating when you know you could get in touch with that person but cant.

How's the hair looking now?


You crack me up, mama. And yes, that is just one more way my aunt Quilly and I are alike. I love you.


Dave, I agree with your frustration. As Cindra says, though, "Just because you have a phone - doesn't mean you have to answer it"!
Guess what? The hair was 'much ado about nothing'!I STILL want my blond streaks...but after looking at myself for three or four days...I decided I look like ME. My real hair color is even darker, so guess if I had to leave it this way, I wouldn't care too much. On a scale of 1 to 10 of things that bother me - it's now become only a one! :-)


Oh, yeah, little Brookie, you and Aunt Quilly are a pair, alright! Love you, too - xoxoxo


I can see where cell phones have made life easier. Glad you have yours so you can stay in touch with your loved ones! Just don't drive while using it, OK? ;-)


Janet, I try not to make a habit of it - but have been known to yak and drive. I DO believe that it's nearly as dangerous as drunk driving, though, and would be happy if they passed a law against it. I think even with the hands free ones - your attention isn't where it should be.


Nice post. Communication in relationships is the biggie! You just keep right on doing what it is that you have been doing, its grand!


Pauline, I'll be able to continue as long as our cell provider doesn't cut us off for too much use of out of state minutes...which is what just happened to a friend of ours. Providers must write that somewhere in very small letters in their contracts, as I've heard of it before now!

Mr. Fabulous

I am going to need everyone's number. I feel left out.


Didn't realize you could be cut off from a service provider for using their service. Isn't business contradictory? You could, I guess have a second telephone number to cover all your calls. Frequent talker credits. lol


Mr. Fab - we've called you and called you - never any answer.

Pauline - I've heard of it before, but don't know why, if it's true, they haven't gotten us. I'd sure raise a ruckus and have a lot of questions if they did! Cripe - that's why we pay for that thing!

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