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January 16, 2007



I really don't know what's up with this horrible weather.

Hey Jackie!


Hey, yourself, Jenn. Glad you are back. The weather seems to be a 'little' different than normal, everywhere. Oh well, for some, that's a pleasure.


As long as you don't dye your hair blue yet, it's all good.


Pretty rough down here in AZ. Gosh.


Sis, even though it's a '55 and over' RV park, NO ONE here has blue hair! Yet.

Ahh, T, I like it here...you know I do. I'd just like it better at about 75 degrees!


So, if you like Bingo does that mean you are the old people?


Quilly-Sister, Pft.


My theory is that the ice caps have melted and all the excess water is sweeping into the south of Malaysia. I mean, where is all this water coming from anyway?


Jenn, your theory is as good as any! You are going to have to start building arks over there pretty soon, if your weather forecasts are to be believed. :-)


Jackie -- no heat in my classroom. I am tempted to call in sick -- cuz another day like yesterday and I likely will be!


Sheesh - I'd call in, too, Quilly. Having to work with no heat is above and beyond. Was just watching the news - and seeing all the snow in Oregon - crazy all over.


Guess camping "activities" haven't changed much since I was last camping about six years ago.


Silver, probably not much. This place has been sold, though, and it will be changing here. Right now it is very rustic and out in the middle of a cactus forest. It is slated to become a "resort" under the new management. They are bringing in palm trees, wellness classes, even a Starbucks! Things are a changing!

Velvet Sacks

The weather is weird all over the place. We went from short sleeves and 74 degrees on Monday to coats and 34 degrees on Tuesday. Who's in charge of this, anyway?


Velvet - 40 degrees difference in temperature from one day to the next day is very weird, all right. I'll take the 74!


Bingo is fun! Remember that episode of "Roseanne" when she got addicted to it and had a bunch of good luck charms on her table?

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