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December 24, 2006



Have a merry Christmas, even though you aren't shivering!


Janet - thanks, and a very merry to you! And I AM shivering, girlfriend! They are having unusual cold weather here. It's in the 30's at night, and high 50's in daytime now. It's predicted to get back up to 70 this week - yeah!

Malnurtured Snay

Merry Christmas!


I love you. Give Terry a hug -- and Raymond, too. Merry Christmas!


Mal Snay - thank you, and a very Merry to you.

Quilly-Sister - love you, too. And I am NOT hugging Ray - he stinks! Merry Christmas to you, have fun tonight.


Merry Christmas morning! I hope your day is grand.

Velvet Sacks

Here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas, Jackie, with all of your loved ones tucked safely in your heart.


Quilly-Sister, and a Merry Christmas morning to you and LB, too. "Happy Birthday, Jesus"!

Velvet, thank you. I hope you and yours have a beautiful day together. Wishing you peace, joy and love.


Merry Christmas, Jackie and many great wishes for the coming New Year.


Nessa, thanks. And I hope you had a nice holiday. Anything left of those gingerbread houses? :)


Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! And Glorius St Stephen's Day. And Happy Hogmanay. And also Happy New Year.


Jenn...wow...you covered them all! Thanks, and same to you. I had to look up that 'Hogmanay', never heard of that one. First I thought you were speaking pig latin - but I couldn't make sense of it. LOL


I hope you had a grand Christmas Day Jackie! I love the picture of the lounging cat!


Kat, I tried to find a cartoon cactus to post - but couldn't. I liked him with these "ho ho ho" shorts and his candy cane - it was as close to desert Christmas as I could get.:)


Cool dude that cat, but then cats always are. They don't have owners, they have servants who wait on them, open doors for them etc.


Dave, isn't that the truth! They usually train us well. :)

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