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December 29, 2006


Velvet Sacks

Aww, what a nice hubby you have, Jackie. And so creative with the camera, too.;-)


At least he's easily entertained!


Doing my best Aunt J imitation "Jesus, Jackie." (You know the tone of voice that goes with it.) You and Terry both should never be allowed to be bored. Love you mama.


sounds like a pretty sucessful day overall. That's really sweet of you guys to get those kids those ice cream cones.


Velvet, yes, he can be very nice, and he is creative - he has his moments!

Quilly-Sister, you have NO idea! :)

Yo, Brookie, what cha mean? I wasn't bored. xoxox

Silver, T and I can both remember standing and counting change for a little treat when we were that age.


What a nice day! My shoes must also match my shirt, and I can never buy just one pair of shoes at a time. Pap teases me about my shoe fetish, but I tell him its the only thing I wear that actually looks GOOD on me.


Kat, I think there is a lot of us shoe people around! I can buy one pair at a time....but I NEVER wear shoes out, so have some I've had for probably 20 years. I love high top sneakers and all funky flip flops, too. :)

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