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December 13, 2006


Velvet Sacks

Cool story and cool photo, Jackie. Those look like anti-Christmas trees, but the trees around Bethlehem probably looked more like those than like our present-day Christmas trees.


Wow, neat story and those trees are incredible.


Cool photo -- great history!


Jackie, hon, don't want you stress or worried over anything going on here. thank you for your concern and God Bless you for caring. but i don't want you to stress and ruin your beautiful time. you are to be having fun and be laughing and besides we will be alright. my prozac will kick in and i won't be so darn scared, lol..and she will eventually will get back on her feet 100% ...how grateful i was that you visited me while on vacation and sorry it was a sad visit for you. next time you will read something much more cheerful you will see.

now, those palm trees are just gorgeous...wow, how sweet they are to the eyes.

keep on having a great time with the hubby and the sights. i hope you are enjoying the holiday season. many hugs.


Does this mean you're back?

If so, yay!


I didn't know this-thanks for the info!

I don't think I've ever eaten a date. I'll have to see if I can find one here.


Great picture and a good infomative write up. It does look really cool in amongst all those covering leaves. I can just imagine those trees growing around an oasis. I love dates too, sticky and sweet. Ummm


Those trees are beautiful! I love stories like that, with the arrival of the emerald ash borer, we need to be sending some ash trees somewhere to save them. So nice to see you back, even if its just for a day! I miss your upbeat encouraging stories and comments.


Those trees are great. And hey, I love dates!


Somebody said something about that you have this really cool design for seedpacks? Are you going to post some pictures and share with us, or what? C'mon. Jar loose, lady!


wow, I love those palm trees, do you know how many there are now?


VS - Ithink you're right, that would be an anti Christmas tree! :) There are a lot of olive trees around here, too, which make me think of Bethleham.

Nessa - yeah, I was pretty impressed with those trees. Row after row after row of them.

Quilly-Sister, glad I could help with your edification. :)

Chana - as always, thank you for your sweet thoughts and words. I'm hoping things are looking better for you and yours now.

Jenn - I don't know what it really means, other than that Cindra nags me! :)

Janet - they are so sweet it's like eating a candy bar. For a few minutes I was thinking about sending you a few of them to try, and then decided I probably wouldn't eat something a stranger sent me! LOL

Dave - I get a kick out of a lot of the business and RV parks in Arizona, putting in date and palm trees. They aren't native to Arizona. And to me, the palm trees really look out of place when they are by the Giant Cactus!

Kat - thanks. I still stop by every other day or so and read what you all are up to. I think YOU should take some cuttings and start some of your own ash trees. And if you send me some cuttings - I'll plant them!

Cindra, Cindra, Cindra...are you never satisfied? I posted once, okay. Maybe later. xoxo

Silver - Hi, nice to 'meet' you, girl! To answer your question - I don't know. Must be lots, though, as you can buy dates year round, and that was so long ago.

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