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December 19, 2006



Then I'm getting old right along with you. I'm not a prude and I'll talk about most amything you'd like, but probably not in a public forum -- for the sake of other people's dignity, if not my own.


I don't so much get offended by these things, but it really annoys me especially the people who say or write a curse for every other word. I'm not perfect and I have had my moments when I've been pretty angry or annoyed and I've let the language fly but in day to day life in my personal life or my blogging life I don't do that and it bothers me when others do it.

I'm in my 20's, so I don't think its an age thing so much as just a common courtesy thing.


I don't know what the fuck you are talking about.


Nah, I know what you mean. Sometimes it bugs me, but others it fits. Excessive without any real sort of relationship to what's happening is just dumb.Shit.


Quilly-Sister - not sure what it is with me, don't know if I ever HAD any 'dignity'! To each his own, I suppose.

Silver - thanks! I'd rather it was ANYTHING besides my age! :)

Cindra Jo - you're a funny girl at 2 o'clock in the morning! :)


Am trying to remember whether I've cursed lately (I think I did, what with massive fight and all)...so...um...sorry.

As for masturbation, now you're talking:

They are eating each other,
they are overfed
At night alone, I marry my bed.



Jenn, you rock!

Mom-I'm a total insomniac these days...

Sunflower Optimism

Hey Jackie, thanks so much for the visit! I could finally find you, through the link - last time I remember I couldn't.

Funny thing - yesterday we picked son up from 1st semester away at college. His language during the 4 hour drive home was a lot "saltier" than I remembered and I reminded him he wasn't at college anymore and to tone it down. Well, we got home and I saw something that surprised me and let loose with a "Holy Sh##!" Both my college age kids looked at me shocked. It's ok for US to say, mom - but you shouldn't be saying stuff like that! Too funny, my babies.

I don't think it's because of getting older - I think it's more about respect, and to be honest, about having something worthwhile to say. It's ok to curse for emphasis, now and then - but people who can really think things through to express themselves well rarely need to. There's nary a curse word in any of my favorite blogs; instead, they tend to be full of wonderful ideas, stories and discussions.


Jenn - okay, girl, you need to go talk with Cindra!

Cindra - get some sleep! That baby will run over you. :)

Sunflower - I'm with you. I like the ideas, stories, discussions, too. The other is a waste of my time.


Speaking of curses, I introduced someone to The Rodeo Song, today. The NPR Finals were here in Vegas last week, so you gotta know the song hit the airwaves.

Velvet Sacks

Some days I find myself THINKING curse words all day long, but I'm usually able to keep them from leaving my tongue. I live in fear that all those "bad" words will come spilling out of me when I get old and senile enough to lose my inhibitions.


Hehe. Thanks Cindra. That was Anne Sexton by the way. I just loved the way she described masturbation without describing it...what would life be without a few colourful metaphors? (Full of swear words, I swear!)

Insomnia? Been there. Done that. I dunno how it disappeared but it just did. Faded away. And I went to sleep.



Its not about getting old, Jackie, its about good taste and self respect. Certain things are just not anybody's business!


There are some places I stopped at that were very popular, but to me they were just boring. Cursing continuously is boring. A well placed approriate curse word can enhance, if used sparingly. Any subject is ok with me if it is done interestingly, like Jenn's Ann Sexton. But again, repeated over use just to be "shocking" is boring. And I always felt this way, not just now that I am old; D


Quilly Sister - one person's curse is anothers...etc. etc. :)

Velvet - just let them go, spew them right out there. Everyone needs to say 'bad' words sometimes! Sometimes no others will quite fit.

Your remark reminded me of what Cindra used to say to me. I have very few inhibitions, and pretty much say and do whatever I want to. Which Cindra sometimes thought was over the top - and she'd say, "I can only imagine what you'll be like when you get old"!


Jenn - glad to see you talking to Cindra. :) And glad to hear you are Zzzzzzzzzzzz now.

Kat - I don't know how much good taste or self respect I have (probably a lot more of the latter than of the former) - but I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't a sort of generational thing. You know, what we thought was taboo, they think is just being honest and letting it all hang out? Whatever.
To each his own guess.

Nessa - well put. (And you are NOT old). I know what you mean about some popular blogs - there are several that I think are done by terrifically talented people, and I would read them more often....if I didn't have to wade through that stuff.


That's funny you should mention this mom. You'll notice I don't swear on my blog. And you're the reason. I know you read it and can just picture you yelling at me to watch my language when you read me cursing.


Well, now, Brookie - there are swear words, and then there are swear words! And MOST of them, you do not want to hear coming out of the mouths of your children! :) (Of course, if I say them, that's alright!) LOL


and I say what my Gram said to me.........."Those that curse, lack the intelligence it takes to use descriptive adverbs and adjectives to express themselves adequately." Always made good sense to me........therefore I refrain from swearing, so as to appear dumb instead of dumber!!
(and I HATE hearing any of you use that language CINDRA JO !!!! should we be getting the soap out, young lady??)


Caryl, I remember Gram sayng that one, too. :)

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