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December 31, 2006



And a very happy new year to you! Thanks for visiting.I'll try placing you on my list, perhaps that will allow you to log on??? I'm not exactly a computer jeek. lol


I make my resolutions when they need to be made, not when the calendar dictates. And life is best lived moment by moment. That way one can remember the bad will pass, and so take time to savor what is good.

Happy New Year. I leave you with a hymn ....

One day at a time, sweet Jesus,
that's all I'm asking of you.
Lord for my sake, help me to take,
one day at a time.

Mr. Fabulous

I had a wise ass comment, but in the spirit of the season I am only going to say Have a Happy New Year, my friend!


Pauline, thanks! And a Happy New Year to you. I'll try again. Even tried using my blogspot one...but couldn't remember my password! :)

Quilly-Sister, and a Happy to you. That is one of my all time favorite songs. I sign it as loud as I can, in the car with the windows shut tight. LOL

Mr. Fab, I hope you and yours have a Happy New Year as well - but, PLEASE, don't hold back - I love the wise ass comments! :)


Have a Happy New year both. We have high winds and rain here and you have sun....guess who is jealous? D

Velvet Sacks

I don't make resolutions either, Jackie, but I like to set one or two "goals" for the new year. I figure that with a goal, even a small amount of progress counts.

Happy New Year!


Jackie -- is T in the car when you do that? Ask me to sing it for you some time -- I can carry the tune!


Dave - thank you. May the New year be a great one for you and yours.

They are having unusually cool weather where we are. We get down to close to freezing at night, and only in the low 60's in the daytime now.

Tie things down and don't blow away. :)


Velvet, sounds like a great idea. I guess, in general, people are getting smarter about themselves....I saw a poll on TV last night where 48 percent of the people, did not make resolutions!

Quilly-Sister, show-off! :)


Happy New Year, Jackie! Glad I met you and look forward to hearing more from you!


Thank you, Janet. Happy New Year! I look forward to reading more from you in 2007.


Happy New Year!


Maybe your first skydive? Or a fast ride in a Lil Red Hemi Truck? Or a slow walk with your hub?


Silver, and a very Happy New Year to you, too. Thank you.

T - maybe numbers 2 and 3, but definitely not number 1. And, by the way, if you are going to comment on my blog - at least learn how to do it under your OWN name! :)


Happy New Year Jackie. Yeah, don't hold the barbs - it's never personal (one of the four agreements)


Jenn, thanks! And a Happy New Year to you. Now help me out here - what are the other three agreements?

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