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November 14, 2006



See, I knew you missed it. I love snow (from my livingroom window) especially when work gets closed.


To me it just looks cold! I hate being cold. Living in a tent in Montana in the winter time can set a permanent chill in the bones.

Velvet Sacks

I love being in snow for about 30 minutes. After that, it loses some of it's magic, but it's always beautiful in photos.
Hope your homesickness passes soon.


God did good. He made every season full of beauty and much to enjoy. Unfortunately with the beauty comes the cold...I'm sorry you are missing home. I can understand it very well..I am always complaining, err, i mean voicing, lol, my wishes to take off but i soon miss the kids beyond belief.

the pictures are like postcards. how beautiful your place is, in all seasons..wow!

many hugs and much love..if you like i can take pics of what it looks like here and how awful hat hair is and all the different awful things about being in this cold..:)


kat campbell

This homesickness will pass, Jackie, those pictures are beautiful, but you'd be trapped in the house and that's no fun! I understand though, I'd be missing all my weird little stuff that had to be left behind.


When i talked about the cold I forgot to mention the "missing." When I am away from home for long I miss my own places, spaces and routines; and worry about them. I wondered last year how you could stand to be gone so long. I am sorry you are feeling sad.


Sure, Nessa, sure. Whatever you say. :) Seriously, though, I am like you - I like the look of it from my living room window - but, then you have to go out in it. A whole different story.


Quilly-Sister, yeah, Montana is cold to the bone.

Last year was only 4 months away from home - this year will be 6! That's part of what is freaking me out. For some reason I keep thinking,
'oh my god - half of a year of my life'. I can't explain the strange feelings I'm having...sort of like I don't belong anywhere right now, not even in my own skin.


Velvet - you hit the nail on the head. And thanks for the wishes. "This too, shall pass".

Chana, I'd love to see pics of cold where you are, and especially of HAT HAIR! LOL

Kat, that's probably some of it - my 'stuff'. I've always been a homebody and a nester. Now I'm not sure what I am. But you're right, it will pass. Everything does, doesn't it? Both the good and the bad.


I miss you very much. I wanna see you after winter. I got my shots yesterday and they hurt.. I love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


What up, moms? I'm sorry you are feeling homesick. You are missed very much....you know it's true cause I took the time to tell you on your nerdy blog...lol..I love you...Love, Sonny


lol.... Scott's comment made me crack up laughing. And poor Whitney. She could use a hug from Gramma. I miss you, too. xoxoxoxo


Scott, only you would insult your momma before you told her you love her!

Jackie -- you don't belong in your own skin? How much coffee have you been drinking?


Whitney, I'm sorry your shot hurt, but it was just for a minute, right? And now you won't get sick. I love you. Grandma xoxoxoxox


Son, I miss you, too, very much. What do you mean, 'nerdy'?! LOL xoxoxox


Brooke, did you ever hear your brother when he was serious? :)

Quilly-Sister, alot more than usual. Guess that's one thing I better watch. Thanks.


Aw Christmas card weather, I tell you Jackie, one of these days when I split in two, half of me is gonna have a white Christmas.

The other half will be in JB singing Hark the Herald Angels sing which is always the final hymn for the Christmas midnight mass.

Poor you. Hope you feel better.


to me it looks like time for snow angels and then curling up with a book. i know you would bring me hot cocoa and tuck me in...


Jenn, half and half, wouldn't that be great?!

Thanks for the sentiment, but 'poor me, indeed'! It just took me a day to get it together and realize that I am very blessed to be able to live the life that I do - and stop whining!


Cindra, my first little love. Tease if you will, but someday your heart will ache, for just one more time of bringing hot chocolate to, or tucking in, your own little loves. I miss my 'little' Cindra as much as my big one.


Yep, it can be beautiful, until it turns to dirty slush and freezes over. I often wish I could just stay in the house all winter, with a stocked freezer, and not have to go out anywhere till spring.


Mom, I wasn't teasing! I like it. I'm the princess, remember? I love you and miss you. I think I could still fit in your lap...

Brooke-one time a guy looked at my butt when i was nineteen and Scott was very much serious about that...he was livid...no sarcasm.

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