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November 21, 2006


Dave M

Whilst your family wont physically be with you they will more than be there in spirit. Have a good time in the club house and maybe put some other spirits in you. Enjoy.


Great post. Family is always with us. and who can beat no dishwashing?


Sixty guests sounds like a rousing good time to me! Family will be there in heart and spirit while you party it up girlfriend!


Jackie -- cooking for three or four days and washing dishes for two or three hours, so folks could spend 30 minutes over-stuffing themselves then sleeping the rest of the afternoon was never really my idea of fun. It is the people and the memories that make Thanksgiving.

I am Thankful to have you for a big sister. I love you.


Dave, yes, they will, for sure. Thanks for the good wishes. I'll have to skip the 'other spirits' though, doesn't agree with me! :)

Nessa, another blessing to count! The only think I dislike more than doing dishes - is cooking! LOL

Kat, I'm sure we'll all talk by phone, too, but I do miss them. And I'll miss the leftovers. Alot!

Ah, Quilly-Sister, I love you too, and am also thankful for you. (But couldn't you say "older" sister, and not "bigger"!?!?!?!) Oh, wait. That's not good either! :)


Jackie -- you are my elder sister -- do you feel better about that?


No cook? No clean up? You lucky girl!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Velvet Sacks

Enjoy your dishwashing-free Thanksgiving, Jackie. As much love as I see flying back and forth between you and your family on this blog, I'm sure you'll feel it wherever you are.


Quilly-Sister, that will do it! :)
Sorry you aren't coming to
see us for Thanksgiving - I know it's a long way for a short trip - but I was hoping. xoxoxo


Janet, there is always a positive side, isn't there?! :)
Have a great Thanksgiving.


Velvet, thanks, it'll be a good one, they all are. But I sort of miss that family stuff going on. Not just the mush - but like when my older sister asks(with her flat affect) something like "What the hell did you do to the gravy?", (because I've put the liver in it)! LOL


You know something? I love the big cook-ups. I love cutting up stuff the day before, starting to cook at eight in the morning (for dinner), the table creaking with goodies, all made from scratch. I love all that. And I don't do the washing up. Mostly the guests do it. They insist. But then, those days are g-o-o-o-ne.

You sound like you will be having a different thanksgiving. And since you're a gal that loves different things...


Happy Thanksgiving to you and hubby and may you both enjoy good company and food with the other 60 new friends. God Bless.


Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving, Sister! LB, Betty and I are going to Marie Calendar's later this afternoon. I would have loved to come see you.


Jenn, I use to like to do all that cooking, too - and I guess I don't hate it, since I still elect to do it fairly often. In fact, maybe I'm missing it - I volunteered to help set up for today! Must need to do something. :)


Chana, thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Nessa, thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!

Quilly-Sister, have a great day out. Wish you could have come here. xoxoxo

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