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November 12, 2006



The Praying Mantis cactus made me laugh. You and your camera are having quite a bit of fun out there in the desert.

kat campbell

These are cool Jackie. I had no idea cactus lived that long! Someday remind me to tell you about my Mom and the Joshua tree.


Love the typology ma!


Quilly-Sister, yes, I like using that digital camera -take pictures of everything that holds still in the desert.

Kat, I'll remember. I love those Joshua trees, too. We got to see them in bloom.

Babydoll, thanks. I was just having fun last night.


That first one looks like he's hugging himself. Cool pictures. Don't you miss the snow, though?


oh honey i'm so smart-NOT, lol..

so here is what happened..(the same with Cindra's blog there for a bit, you figure i would have learned, lol)

my sidebar is by Blogrolling.com..it's a site that let's me knows when my friends post a new post..so as not to miss one-right? well, nahhh...if i don't update the links..grr..:p

the last few times i have come to visit i have gone to Jackie's garden..oh yeah go over here ....so off i come here...

in the meantime all the days in between,i look down and see you haven't posted it..grrr-me..i had not added the new blog..oh my Jackie, and i'm not even blonde..no excuse for me, lol..

anyways, finally figure it out..bravo, bravo me..lol..now i'll know that you are posting..and i have some post to make up..

i'm the only person i know, that has killed cactuses..they are beautiful aren they..stand so tall and look so fierceless and take on anything ...beautiful shots hon...

thank you for keeping me company on my blog..your comments are always so sweet and i loved them hon..God Bless.

Velvet Sacks

Loved the cactus photos, Jackie. I knew they were hardy plants, but their longevity surprised me.


Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona.??

Beatifull plants and good photos Jackie. I had read that they are protected but didnt realise that they live that long.


Nessa, that first one isn't hugging itself. It's doing the Macarena!


Chana, I like reading your blog and I knew you were alright, as you were posting, but it's nice to 'see' you here, too. And thanks for the nice words, as well.


nessa - i do so not miss the snow. i wouldn't want to never see it again, it is beautiful on our trees, but OMG, it is wet, cold, has to be shoveled, is cold, you have to wear layers of clothes, is cold, and wear coats, can't work outside and it's cold. i'm sitting here in arizona in my shorts!


hi velvet, thanks, glad you liked them. your comment made me think that i will have to go do some research. i am curious now what percentage of saguaros live to that age -as so many die from wind storms and, primarily, from damage from birds and animals. hmmmm


davem - i'm having trouble tracking today - do you mean "standing on the corner" as caption for cactus? (that would be a good one) or are you thinking we are in winslow? (told you i'm dense today!) anyway - winslow is up north from where we are. if you get a permit to move one of these babies, you have to plant it again facing exactly the way it originally sat. it's all so fascinating.


I especially loved the "they went that-a-way" one. Seems like the thing a cactus would say.

Btw, they all look like something out of cartoons. Now all we need is for them to stride forward and prick balloons.

(Hey, that rhymes. And I wasn't even trying!)


Jackie, somehow I think you could do without snow; D


Jenn, you're a poet and you don't know it! Oh yeah, you did know it. :)

Nessa, you got that, huh? LOL

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