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November 24, 2006



Hey, Sis! You did a great job blogging, but it shouldn't replace your life.


This is all for fun. It shouldn't be a chore. It was so much fun meeting you. Stop by when you can and maybe we'll see you in the spring. Enjoy your travels.


with a big bump in my throat i say until later friend.
to say that i have enjoyed all connection with you, it's an understatement. to say that i have grown to care for you very much, is an understatement too. i understand what you wrote here. i understand that life happens. lol..pls forgive me for i'll miss you so very much and hope that our paths may cross sometime again.

i want you sooo happy. enjoying your time away and happy with the hubby. knowing that you are at peace, sleeping plenty of hours, experiencing all that interests you both is enough to make me happy. i will never forget you. i will never stop being grateful for the beautiful girls that you gave humanity. i will never forget your openess and honesty and you doing to help others. which you did, you helped me.

much love my friend. May God Bless tonight and all your tomorrows.

i will miss you.



Living lustily is the key to quality of life. I'm really going to miss you though. See it all and do it all so you'll have stories to tell in the spring.

Dave M

Yes, dont let the blog take over your life. So relax and thoroughly enjoy your break. I will miss your postings and your comments. So once again just enjoy and I will lookout for your blog in the spring. Let me know if you come back by a different route. Cheers Jackie.


Party on, Mom! I love you.

Velvet Sacks

Jackie, it's been a pleasure to meet you. You're a good writer, and I hope you'll find time for blogging again in the future. Right now you have a wonderful opportunity to travel and explore, and I don't blame you for not wanting to be half asleep during your adventures. All the best to you!


Awwww Jackie, I'll miss you...but see you in spring if you decide to continue...Quilly is right, blogging shouldn't replace real life.


But mama, who will Logan and Whitney leave comments for now?


Sorry Mom. I can't do it. I'm not deleting your typepad account. And you can't make me. It's a gift. So, when you feel the urge, write. If you don't, don't. No worries. It's here for you when you return...and you will, at least by spring. Don't feel pressured or obligated, though. I love you!


Now come play the word game!


Take Cindra's advice Jackie, it sounds good. Lots of people would still like to keep in touch. As she says you dont have to write up daily or respond to other peoples blogs. Just write something when you feel like it. No pressure.


Cindra and Dave -- the voice of moderation.

In our family, Cindra should know better!

Seriously, Jackie -- live your life, then wander by every so often and toss us a post. Maybe just a pic of some amazing sight --


I can't help looking here every day! Nobody's deleting nothing around this joint... spring is very far away!

Good for Me

Take Care Jackie - and enjoy your play time!


I'll miss you but I understand! Sometimes it gets to be too much, and when it takes over your life it's time to step back and take a breath. Hope you'll visit me from time to time and let me know you're still kicking!


I'm looking so forward to seeing the pictures you said you'd post here tomorrow. That is exciting!


you mean to tell me that i helped you with that pic for nothing? where is it? c'mon! bring it!

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