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November 13, 2006



Try feeding her outside while she is still on the lead. Then get her to walk on the lead, to the food. Food with our cat is a good lever.


Oh, Doctor Dave might be on to something! That is hilarious!

kat campbell

I can't stop laughing! Jackie, these pictures are hilarious! Excactly what my stubborn Ophelia would do. Funny!


Mother! Would you please stop torturing Miss Kitty? lol Love you. xoxoxoxo


Man, cats are so funny. I can't stop laughing. She's making you guys feel so guilty and enjoying ever second of control.


Dave, now that is a good idea! I'd have to withhold her food for awhile, though, and don't know how that would go over. She has a bowl out all the time and is never hungry. I may try that - thanks. :)


Cindra, this cat is beginning to amuse me less and less. Traveling with a cat for six months - what were we thinking?!?

Kat, they do have their little personality traits, don't they? If I just didn't feel like the 'bad guy', wondering what SHE wonders is going on! Oh, for God's sake - it's a CAT. LOL


Brooke, torture? This damn cat now has her own bed, rugs, play toys, scratching post - and two people to rub and pet her and clean up her s___! Now WHO is being tortured?!?!?
Love you back, little girl.


Nessa - I think you hit it right on the head. And I'm getting tired of it already. Would you like a slightly used cat?


Jackie -- I am laughing myself silly. Many years ago I spent several months camping and I put my cat, Bum, on a harness. The first day in camp we put him on a long lead and staked him out like a dog. He walked to the end of the lead, braced his feet and pulled all day -- and for the next two days. After that he was fine.

Miss Kitty is just waiting to see who is more stubborn -- you or her?


Heh. The cute catty cat.

She'll go for a walk when she's good and ready to go for a walk.

Probably slip out when your back is turned or something.

Cats! Gotta love em.


I agree she is waiting you out. THey can be very patient when they can lay down while they wait. But the food idea might do it. At least she can get some air and you can keep her safe. Rain, and more rain in w.wa! I'll remember not to buy a ticket for that pineapple express again! Enjoy!


hey isn't she sitting in ----oh i can't remember his name but i remember him..your stuffie that you take everywhere...geraldo, feraldo...oh i suck at names hon..

your cat looks dead, oh my, he doesn't do the cat walking thing, lol..poor cat..poor you..


Quilly-Sister, she is a stubborn cat - aren't they all? Of course, I worry that she'll get so confused not knowing where she is or what's going on, that she'll be sick. (I don't have enough to worry about, you know).


Hi Jenn - that's what I'm afraid of!

Hi spetunia, are you from the side of the mountain where all that rain was? Watched it on the news - unbelievable. Hope it didn't get your gardens.


Hi Chana, you are thinking of Ray! Ray doesn't like Miss Kitty - says we should just turn her loose. Of course, Raymond doesn't like anyone! He's the one I'd like to drag somewhere (but T has a soft spot for him). LOL

Velvet Sacks

Caption: "Look what the cat dragged in"...uh...no..."Look what dragged in the cat."


aww. poor kitty, not used to the leash at all! Or is she aiming for an Oscar for Best Performance by a Shackled Cat?

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