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November 23, 2006



Good point, Jackie. I am more thankful for what I don't have, which is alot. Thanks for reminding me.


Nessa, I sometimes forget this, too. It's like when we ask "why me?", but don't ask "why not me?". I always remember when CL was just under two, (she'll be 15 next month!), and she was in the hospital in critical condition. Cindra and I were talking and I was feeling so sad and scared and ask, "Why would something like this happen to her?", and she said "Mom, we can't ask that - we don't ask it every time something good happens". (Cindra has been more mature than I am every since she was about 18!)

Dave M

Happy Thanksgiving and dont forget to tell us how it went in the clubhouse. I must admit that sounds right up my street, celebrating with 60 other likeminded people. Would be a sore head in the morning maybe.

Whenever I get envious, I always look at the things that I have, and think ok others may have more but there are loads who would give their eye teeth for what I have. Enjoy your day.


I made a list on my blog of 47 things I am thankful for (one for each year of my life). My sister is on that list.


Dave, that is the way I look at it, too. And I'm pretty much always grateful. Must be in part, to the way we were brought up. I always remember hearing that there is always someone who has it worse than you do. Thanks for the wishes and you do the same.


Quilly-Sister, you are too sweet today. I didn't see your post on there earlier, will go check again. Hope you girls are having yourself a good time in sin city today. xoxo


I've decided to be grateful. It's easier that way.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jackie.


Jenn, six of one, half a dozen of the other! LOL

One of the meditations I've used daily to begin my day with, for over twenty some years now, is the reminder to 'maintain an attitude of gratitude' -works for me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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