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November 09, 2006



I have noticed how well Tom and Cindra compliment one another. They are each awesome people in their own right and make a dynamic couple.


Sounds a good match. All the best to them and their family


Wow. What a tribute, ma. You took some time and effort here and I feel truly honored and humbled by it. Thanks. We're having a great day. We ate our favorite food and dessert and did our favorite thing-- went bookstore browsing together.

Doesn't get much better than that-- unless it corresponded with the Democrats taking control of both the house and the senate, but, like, when is that ever gonna happen?


oh, mom...now i'm crying...you had to go do that. thanks so much. i am so blessed with what i have in my life that i can die now. i don't want to. but i could. i just don't think it gets any better than this...

i love you.


Oh mama, I totally agree. They are a terrific couple together and do complement each other so well. Hope you're enjoying the sun!

Good for Me

Beautiful post.


That was beautiful Jackie. Truly beautiful. Where are the stereotypical mothers-in-law of the best fiction and comics, huh?

kat campbell

What a great mother to have noticed all these fine details about not just your daughter but your son-in-law! That picture is too darn precious.


Jackie by all means e mail me. I would appreciate seeing your route so that I can go over it with my maps. I have never been to the States but studied it for 2 years in depth many , many, years years ago. So I have a good knowledge of the country. Maybe one day I'll get there. The thing is whilst I will fly I am not a big fan of it, and 6 hours or so stuck up in the big blue doesn't appeal to me. Thanks.


oh your words are filled with love and respect and admiration..how wonderful..and yes, i haven't known they for too long but my goodness, they are wonderful, wonderful people..

a good marriage is a blessing for the whole family..so congrats to all.


This was the most beautiful tribute to a great couple and two fine people.


Quilly-Sister, they are, and do, indeed.

DaveM, thanks. That's very nice of you.


Tom, you're welcome, it's how I feel. But I forgot to mention about your dreams, too - and all your wonderful accomplishments in music, arts, teaching, writing, etc. I think you are a pretty amazing man, and son-in-law!

Well, accept for that political humor of yours, of course! :) Love ya.


Cindra, my love, it does just keep getting better and better, you'll see. And you deserve it. I love you too, and miss you so.


Brookie, I am enjoying the heat - boy, do I not like cold any longer. You can have it there in Ohio. I'm anxious to see how you fare through a winter there. Love you and miss you. xoxoxoxo


Hi, Good for me.
Thank you. I'm not much of a writer, but had good subject matter. :)

Hi, Jenn.
Good one! And I'm sure not stereotypical anything - my first son in law asked me to please not wear a pony tail on the side of my head, and tiger striped leggings, when I was going to meet his mother! LOL

Hi Kat,
I've had 41 years of that daughter - know her well. And my son-in-law is easy to know...he's open and aboveboard in all things...what you see is what you get. I couldn't love him more.


Dave, emailed route. Have fun with it. I think we came about 3,000 miles to get here.

Maybe some day you will want to see it bad enough to fly. I don't fly at all, did it once and had panic attacks. Sure limits what I'm able to do. Would like to be able to fly home from here for Christmas, for instance, but just can't make myself try it again. Which means I'll probably never get to see your neck of the woods - and I would love to. Oh well, maybe some day when I grow up.


Chana, thank you for your sweet (as usual) words - you are one of the kindest persons I've ever talked to. Please tell me you are human and that you get mad and pout and scream and stomp your feet once in awhile! LOL

Hi Vanessa, thank you. I think they are pretty fine, too. And I've always wanted to be like Cindra when I grow up!

Ordinary Janet

what a lovely tribute! They're equally lucky to have you.


Janet, why thank you. (blush blush) I think so, too! :)

Velvet Sacks

What a joy it was to read this post. It's a love story from many different angles.

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