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November 20, 2006



honey the wreath is beautiful. you should definetely put it in as an offering in Cindras' blog. you have amazing daughters Jackie. i know you know that, i just wanted you to know that it is so obvious and that we love you for sharing them with us. Brooke has an endless heart, with compassion to match and Cindra, she has a spirit and a consciousness that puts me to shame. Her brilliant idea is just that, brilliant..I wish i had anything to offer and i'm not putting myself short or being insecure but i don't have any talents..i don't like to cook, i am so not crafty, i don't proofread (kinda obvious,lol) and i don't sew or knit..my mother in the other hand, would have soooo much to offer, she would fit right in..She makes anything beautiful with those hands of hers..I thought of asking Joe what my talents are, and me getting cocky in my own head, figure he named things that should probably stay private, ;p Ha! i'm hillarious-not, lol.. or not i be the firs bartered companion (yeah that is the word i was thinking-not), lol..

about the voices in my head..yeah, i keep and have kept my guardian angel busy..the poor thing, he is exhausted, lol.

much love hon..thank you for the pics of the cotton..i have never seen anything like that before. thank you for sharing so many new places and things..i feel more wordly everytime i come here hon..


Chana, you are too sweet, as usual. Thank you. And don't sell yourself short, we all have talents in different areas. You for one, are a true friend to your friends - and that is a rare talent. I'm sure you could think of something to create too, if you wanted to. For instance, I know you could write inspirational poems!


Was there a guy working there named Cotton Eyed Joe? Just askin'...


Tony, thanks for your contribution, I really did chuckle outloud! Sorry, but I wasn't introduced to any of the workers.


i love you Jackie but all the poems on my blog are from others. my daughter writes incredible lyrics for songs. when we first met Joe he thought they were from real songs, she sings them too. she is fantastic. she writes stories that have made others cry for they are with such emotion (she loves to write very powerful stories). Keka and Cel are amazing story tellers too and they draw soo cute..Monkey shines draws adorable and he writes good too..The oldest is incredible with anything electronic, computers and all around handyman..I'm surrounded by greatness and i'm so happy..

It is okay Jackie, i don't mind that i am not crafty or stuff..i ask Keka and Cel what i was the best at, and they both said being their mommy, cuddles and kisses and taking care of them..now, i can honestly say i wish for no more..:)


Jackie, I have always envied your craftines. The wreath is charming. It would probably bring a good trade at Cindra's new blog.


Wow. A blog to swap crafty stuff? What a coinkydink. I was just assigned to write a story about a global handicraft swap and the beautiful things that get traded therein.

Jackie. You are seriously talented. How do you stay so down to earth?


Jenn -- not feeding her ego helps .... Seriously, my sister is a wonder, but I don't think she knows it.

Dave M

Beatiful wreath Jackie, hang it on your camper door for the festive season. Have you thought of making and selling them to the locals


Wow, Chana, you have a pretty talented family there. And they sound as sweet as their 'mommy' - and plenty smart, too. They know what is important when it comes to being good at something! You are a very blessed woman.


Quilly-Sister, thanks, but I couldn't part with the wreath. Then I'd be right back to having these pieces and hunks of cotton - and no way to keep them to 'remember'. This I can hang on the wall and when I see it, I'll remember seeing the cotton fields here. Now to find something to do with my rocks...we pick them up all over and I have little piles of them sitting in glass jars and bowls, stacks of them in my garden, etc. Rocks everywhere!


Hey, Jenn, I'll be interested in reading what you write about global handicraft swaps - that is a 'coinkydink' (I love your word!). You must be the talented one - able to write. I can do some crafty things, but that's as far as it goes. Thanks for the nice words, though.


Quilly-Sister, are you serious?! Of course I know it! LOL


Dave, thanks. I doubt the locals would care too much about seeing my 'cotton' wreath - they probably see all the cotton they want to! LOL

If I wasn't so lazy I could scout out a consignment gift shop where maybe they could sell them to the tourists like me, that want to take home a 'piece' of their vacation. But, oh my, I've got better things to do with my time - like BLOG! LOL


That wreath is fabulous Jackie! Very beautiful. Intersting trip to the cotton mill, thanks for sharing it with us!

Velvet Sacks

Love the wreath, Jackie! You and your daughters were obviously born with dominant creativity genes. Y'all have lots of good ideas!


Kat, thanks, it's a good way to have a momento around...hang it on the wall instead of clutter a drawer! And you're welcome.

Velvet, thanks. But I think what we were really born with is an inability to slow down or hold still! lol


I'd love to see your crafts. They sound very, um, interesting; D


Jackie is "moving up" to auto parts rennovation this year. From hard crafts to hardly crafty.



T made that last comment, using MY name...there ought to be a law! (He thinks I'll help him renovate his little red express truck and that trackster he bought!)


Nessa, there you are! Checking your blog every day and no Nessa - thought you were on vacation.

Interesting is one word for them, girlfriend. Only down here would I spend my time making 'safety pin' crafts! LOL

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