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November 08, 2006



You are close now. Maybe I'll get to visit. What's for Thanksgiving dinner? Oh, that would mean traveling with LB -- let me rethink ...


What a fantastic outfit, and you take a car as well. DO they still use CB radios...Come in Rubber Duck good buddy?


Quilly-Sister, we'll cook traditional Thanksgiving...just on a smaller scale. I have a duel microwave/convection oven, my crockpot and my electric fry pan and the gas stove in here...I can do anything.

P.S. traveling with LB can't be that bad, lol


Dave, you made me chuckle. We rarely turn the CB on, too much static. Usually just truckers with a lot of BS anyway. Yeah, we pull that funny looking Honda behind the motorhome, we like it alot. (It's easy to find in the parking lots, too).

T tells me that I'm too paranoid and I should post our route for you - he likes that mapping, too - but I just don't want to put it on here. Do you mind if I use your email address (which I can see on my trackback) and just email it to you?

kat campbell

What a beautiful winter home Jackie! I loved the picture of the cotton field. My biological mother used to tell stories of having to pick cotton during the depression - it looked all soft like clouds and then cut her hands up picking.


Is that Raymond in the driver's seat? After the way he drove that chicken bus in Guatemala, I have to say you are very brave to let him anywhere near the steering wheel.


Did you get that hint on my blog where you'd have to send me email if you ever wanted to talk to me again? I want to chat! Send! Send! Oh, uh, please?


Kat, the first trip here was fascinated by the cotton - had never seen it growing. We visited a museum here then, and I couldn't believe what they used to go through picking cotton. Like everything else, it's pretty much handled by machines now. Thank God - I can just imagine being out there in those fields - tearing your hands up, and trying to work in this weather. It's been 90 degrees here the last two days.


Quilly-Sister, yeah, that's him. T keeps a pretty good eye on him - someone has to.

OMG - I didn't even get that hint, and really had to think about it now - I'm getting old! I'll go over and take care of it right now.


Hey Ma-great pics. Looks cozy. Not as cozy as Oregon would be...and I'm cooking a giant turkey this year with 3 of your grandkids present...

Sorry. That's mean.

I miss you. And love you.


Hi Jackie! Sorry I've been a stranger. Your pictures look great. I love the whole slow, peaceful, rambling way of travel.


Cindra, maybe next year for Thanksgiving - we're talking about heading out that way when we go. I'd like to be there tho, and turk a cookie with you! Love and miss you all.


Hi Jenn, nice to 'see' you. I just figured that you were out and about somewhere - showing off your new 'do' and that you didn't have time to blog. LOL
P.S. hope you still like your haircut - I still hate mine - haven't figured out where it's all supposed to lay yet.

Ordinary Janet

I'll be thinking about you with jealousy tonight-we might get snow. I love Arizona too-I've been there a few times and wish I could move out there. Not sure if I'd like the summers, though.


Jenn, I'd never been to Arizona until we came here 3 years ago - and I fell in love with it all....the cactus, especially the weather. Now I really can't take the cold, when they tell me they had snow flurries at home yesterday, I thank my lucky stars as I'm sitting here on the patio with my shorts on. I don't think I could take the summers, tho, their high here this last summer was 119!!

Maybe you should try moving here one day - Spot could chase the jack rabbits!

Velvet Sacks

Jackie, I'm late getting here but I love the photos, especially the cotton field. What a wonderful way to see the country. Thanks so much for taking us along on this journey.


Velvet, I feel pretty lucky. And you're welcome, come along anytime.

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