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November 10, 2006



Well, at least you didn't disgrace yourself by falling asleep and crashing out of your chair face first. Too bad you can no longer crochet. That you could have done without appearing rude.


Oi! Sounds fun...


That's when you have to excuse yourself and say that you ate some bad pork the night before and really ought to find the public restroom facility at the RV resort. They won't bother asking you to stay!


You know, it just dawned on me ... Jackie at a loss for words? I don't think so. Who are you really and what have you done with my sister?

Oh wait. You just took 449 words to explain to us you had nothing to say. I guess you are a member of my family. Never mind.

kat campbell

Poor you! Pap is in the grocery business - anytime he's yacking away with his cronies I can feel my eyes glassing over. There you were being polite, and I bet neither of them would have even noticed if you would have wandered away!


I'm not the only one who does fake listening, then, huh?

I love the picture.


Quilly-Sister, I guess you are right, the proof is in the pudding. (now does anyone even understand that expression? - I don't, unless it means the pudding does or does not set up)! LOL

Cindra, don't think I didn't give that some thought! And might have tried it if Mr. College Buddy's wife hadn't been suffering from same!


Kat, I did manage to wander outside several times to smoke. With excuses such as needing to make a phone call by noon -watering the plants - etc., but I know what you mean about eyes glassing over. :)


Vanessa, oh yeah, that fake listening - now I get it!

Ordinary Janet

well, this makes me feel better about all the times Mom has had old (literally) friends and relatives over and they talked about people they knew in the '40s and I just sat there with a smile plastered on my face, wishing I could go somewhere and read or go to my room and play on the computer without seeming rude. One of these days, I think that's just what I'll do. ;-)


Janet, me, too. I don't know why sometimes I'm the most assertive person, and sometimes I'm a wimp. But NEXT TIME, I'll just politely excuse myself by saying I have errands to run and will leave them to visit. No more sitting and smiling and being BORED to death!


Wow. You ARE polite. When I tagged along with Mom to her friend's house, I sat smiling dumbly for about 10 minutes. After which we repaired to the TV room where said friend had been in the middle of dumb Bollywood movie. So I watched dumb movie while they chattered and explained plot to them when they paused for breath and looked at me inquiringly. All in all, a successful visit.


Jenn, you were LUCKY. I don't even watch tv much - but when have been happy to have even had a dumb movie to stare at! (Gee, wonder if that's what people think when I'm talking???)


Well done, just be thankful you didnt have wine or you may have seen a couple of bottles off with all that rivetting conversation.


Dave, for sure! LOL

Velvet Sacks

I could empathize with you on this one, Jackie. My ex-husband used to like for me to sit outside and keep him company while he worked on the car. It wouldn't have been so bad except he always wanted to explain everything to me in detail. The car-talk torture finally came to an end one day. We came inside so he could wash his hands, and I led him to the bedroom where my sewing machine was set up. "Look at this," I showed him. "This is the bobbin. And this switch determines whether the fabric moves forward or backward under the feeder, and this..." He got it.


Velvet, that did make me LOL. (Especially since I have one that wants to explain how everything works to me!) So glad your sewing machine demonstration did the trick for you.


Jackie -- that won't work for you. Terry probably already knows how the sewing machine workls, and why, and would just correct you and explain in greater detail ....

Has he been to visit your Christmas present yet?


Quilly-Sister, he's a mechanical engineer - you're probably right!

The trackster now sits at a garage about 5 miles from us. T took a trailer up North in Arizona and picked it up. It's closer to us now - but no closer to home.


yes, i'm fairly new..but even so, i knew from first seconds that you are not boring girl. and besides, Brooke, Cindra, Quilldancer have not one boring cell in their body..and they are related to you hon...

you are too kind..i would have probably fallen asleep withint the first half hour, lol..i dont' think you are boring at all but that you had an awful visit, lol..my poor babe, how sad..i hope the wife is okay though..

i couldn't have cooked any meal in there and you came up with a feast..what a wonderful woman and talented too..and the cheesecake, sounds mouth watering..oh hon, you are soo good..

i hope that sort of one way visit doesn't happen again for you..

take care..love.


Chana, you are as usual, just too sweet. Thank you. And I won't be so chicken if it ever happens again - I'll find a way to excuse myself!! :)

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