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October 28, 2006



Well, hi, Ma! Welcome to the amazing typepad. I will help you make changes, whatever you need. Hope you have fun.

I heart you.


Thank you, Cindra Jo, you are too sweet. I don't know that I'll be able to run this one any better than the other - but I'll try! LOL

I love you, Sissy. xoxoxoxo


Hey! I am thinking about leaving blogger, too -- but will all my fans come with me? And what to do with all the history I left behind? Today blogger was an even bigger pain in the patootie than ever.


Sure, Quilly-Sister, they'll come...all they have to do is change an address! I think you can take your history with you, and I think CJ is working on that - just ask her. (Look what you started!!) xoxoxoxo

kat campbell

What a nice thing to do, I've been missing Jackie's stories. Blogger is ticking me off too, but moving is so scary!


Kat -- I hear you! Maybe if we all move together it won't be so frightening. It might even give blogger a wake up call -- probably not though. It would take A LOT of us to do that.

Dave  M

Look forward to seeing and reading all about your travels. Dave M


Kat, this thing is free for 30 days so you could give it a try, first. All on the QT to see if you like it.

Dave, I'll post when I get a chance - sometimes we're too busy - and sometimes hubby thinks he should have a turn at the computer! Darn him.


Jackie, play nice and let Terry have the computer sometimes -- and help him set up his own blog. He and Raymond would be a hit for sure.


I'm liking your new digs, mama. And yes, may follow you guys, too. And yes, Aunt Quilly... I can just see how funny and popular Terry and Raymond would be. Raymond could tell stories about his misbehaving in foreign countries.


Quilly-Sister, I've tried to get T to blog, but so far, no luck. xoxoxo

Brookie, I wish Raymond would tell someone else his stories - I'm tired of listening to him all the way here! xoxoxo

mrs. Roane

I am glad you are warm and happy we miss you though
love the little roanes


Hi Scott, Melissa, Becca, Sam, Logan and Whitney - (the little and the big) -nice to see you! I miss you all, and love you. xoxoxoxoxo

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