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October 31, 2006


Robert W Gilcrease

Hey cool, I use to live in Bossier City, just right across the river. That's a very very pretty part of Louisiana. I spent many an hour on Lake Caddo there. Memories of my childhood and early years in highschool.


I love eating crappies! So maybe I would like catfish after all... I've never tried it 'cause I didn't think I'd like it. Glad you're having fun trying new things, mama. Love you.


I like catfish. I love crappies and being at mantrap and catching minnows and going out in the lake. but not the ticks or the outhouse.

kat campbell

I lived in Shreveport for about 5 years. I liked it there too! I liked everything about the South, the pace, the sun, the scenery. I just love traveling with you like this Jackie!


You talk fast? Really? Wow. Something we have in common. I was requested to slow down in Japan where nobody could understand me.


Robert, we would have liked to spend more time in Louisiana going further South, but couldn't fit it in our plans this time. We are planning a loooooong trip all the way East before going south - either next year or the one after - and then we'll try to hit everything we missed. Glad we stirred up good memories.


Cindra and Brookie - glad you have those memories of Minnesota - and of crappies. I don't think I've eaten them since you two were really little. Do try the catfish, I want to see what you think. Love you and miss you girls.


Kat, I think I could live in the South, too. And you just come along anytime you want...you are so quiet and eat so little.


Jenn, nice to 'see' you!

Yeah, my sister, Caryl, and I talk really fast. And loud. It used to really tick her off when people would ask if she was on speed!


Jackie, when I was in that part of the world I ate crayfish etouffee. That, too, is yummy. I also spent one night in New Iberia, which is the home of Tabasco Sauce -- and the whole town smells like Tobasco Sauce.


Quilly-Sister, I'm not sure I'm sorry I missed the Tabaco Sauce town. LOL


I haven't been to the South and I have not eaten catfish. I fed a cat a fish and then ate the cat. Does that count?

Just kidding. It was a marmot.


Tom, you've definitely been consuming something...like maybe too much sugar!?!?! LOL

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